Summary: While the Christmas story gives us the events of the birth of Jesus, it also gives us lessons to learn which can be beneficial for all of us.

LUKE 2:1-7



A. Aliens.

B. Adolescents.

C. Aged.


A. Adaptability.

B. Amount.

C. A cappella.


A. Acceptance.

B. Adversity.

C. Attainment.

Besides the birth of the Baby Jesus, what other things does the Christmas story teach us? In fact, there are many things that this marvelous story instructs us if we only take the time to listen to it as it is described in the Holy Word. There are some valuable lessons to be learned as we study the CHRISTMAS LESSONS. There are three things I see here that are good lessons for all of us to learn if we just take the time to learn them.

The first Christmas Lesson I note is that which pertains to the Anticipations of the time when the Baby Jesus was born. The second Christmas Lesson I note has to do with Angles themselves. Finally, the third Christmas Lesson I see has to do with Apprenticeships.

* ANTICIPATIONS: What was the world actually awaiting when the Christ Child was born.? It is apparent from reading the leading thinkers of that time that the knowledge acquired up to the point of the birth of Jesus, was not meeting the needs of man.

If we look closely at the Roman world at the time of the coming of the Christ Child, one can begin to see that the philosophies of the time were empty and vain-unable to satisfy the cravings of man’s heart. From near to far, it appears there was a growing Anticipation that something spectacular was about to take place and this would satisfy the cravings of man‘s heart for peace and happiness-enter the Magi.

These Aliens, non-Israelites, living afar from Israel, were studying the stars and were faithfully looking for an omen that would assure them that something good had happened somewhere. Daily they read the universe, seeking the Hand of God Anticipating that something good was about to happen. They were typical of other Aliens who were Anticipating something unusual to occur at any moment for the betterment of mankind.

From the Aliens and their Anticipation of something good to take place one can see that even the Adolescents were also looking for something good to happen-witness the case of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She was one Adolescent mentioned in the Scriptures but she was not the only Adolescent to be waiting for something good to happen.

From the Adolescents to the Aged, they too were also Anticipating something good to happen-the case in point is of Simeon and Anna just two people of advanced years but they represent many other Aged Israelites who were anticipating the coming of the Messiah. These people prove a valuable Christmas lesson of Anticipation of something great was about to happen in this world, and they were not mistaken.

** ANGELS: Another Christmas Lesson can be seen and learned from the Angles themselves as they announced the good news about the Birth of Jesus.

One of the important lessons learned about the Angles at Christmas time is their Adaptability. They are seen in various instances in the entire Christmas Story. One angle comes to tell Mary about her being the chosen one. One angle tells Joseph to move away from Israel and then returns to tell him to move home again. Yet, even though they came they appear to be Adaptable to any circumstances in which they are placed by God. They appear in daylight, in dreams and then in the night time. They are seen, they speak and are heard, they move silently, quickly and effortlessly. They come and go in a flash and they do not reveal their names-just their missions. They are very adaptable and this is a valuable Christmas Lesson for all of we who follow the Lord. These same angles never die but they are obedient to God and do come to the aid of His children when directed regardless of the time of day or night.

These angles did not, do not, recognize man’s boundary lines of countries and places. They cross all boundaries, speak in the language of the listener, and they are not bound by time as they appear in all hours of the day and night. They seem to be comforting and reassuring to the listeners. They do not appear to startle anyone but their very presence is reassuring and of great strength.

Another Christmas Lesson about these Angles has to do with their Amount. They appear as one before and after the birth of Jesus speaking to this one and then to that one. However, at the Birth of Jesus, the Bible says that there were many. The Amount of them is never given but the Bible says that the sky was filled full of them and they were everywhere-in the air, on the land, close to Heaven and others were far away. This un-numbered host is still active today serving the God of the universe filling the expanse of the sky doing the bidding of God. Surely the Bible is correct, “There be more for us than against us.”

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