Summary: See what Mary saw when she looked at Jesus.

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Christmas through Their Eyes

“Christmas through MARY’S Eyes”

Luke 1:31-33 & 2:6-7, 19

Introduction: Show pictures of optical illusions. What do you see?

Today we are beginning a series of sermons that will help us see Christmas through the eyes of various people. When we see Christmas I hope all of you will see CHRIST! When we look at Jesus, people see different things.

Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, and MercyMe wrote the following is a song entitled, I See Love:

Some see a teacher standing on a hill speaking words of wisdom.

Some see a healer reaching out his hand to give sight to a blind man.

Some see a dreamer wasting his life on what can never be.

Some see a fool dying for his dreams.

But I see love, I see love Light of heaven breaking through.

Well I see grace I see God's face shining pure and perfect love.

As we look at these verses from Luke 1 & 2 I want us to see what Mary saw when she looked at Jesus. So come with me as we see “Christmas through MARY’S Eyes.”

To Mary…

1. Jesus was a King to serve. (1:31-33)

“Name him Jesus” – His name means Savior. We will talk more about this next week as see Joseph’s viewpoint because the emphasis in this passage is on His role as King.

“He will be great” – Sometimes people wonder if their rulers be it king or president will be good or not. Towards the end of their terms people begin to talk about “legacy building” – for what will they be remembered?

Answer is given here – to paraphrase Tony the Tiger: He’s GRRRREAT!

Jesus would be great in His love, great in His compassion, and great in His sacrifice. He would live a great life, teach great parables and give great sermons. He would heal with great power and be a great example. He would die a great death and would be resurrected in great power. He would give the great commission and ascend to a great height. He will come again in great glory. And He longs to make great changes in your life and in mine, if we will but let Him. --Brian Bill, Pastor, Pontiac Bible Church

“He’s the Son of the Highest” – A clear reference to God. Also remember what the angels said to the shepherds?

“Glory to God in the highest!”

“Throne of His father David” - Here is a reference to Him being Messiah. He came through the lineage of David. Promised in 2 Samuel 7:12-16.

v. 33 – “His kingdom will not end” – Jesus’ reign as King is forever and ever.

Sometimes we see an end of one leader and the beginning of the next and we are saddened that it is over. We can see the next is going to be worse and thus are lives are going to be more difficult, BUT JESUS REIGNS FOREVER!! His “term in office” will never end!

He is King of kings and Lord of Lords!

Are you serving Him as your King?

2. Jesus was a Son to nurture. (2:6-7)

“Time” – Literally the end of nine months of carrying this baby inside her.

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