Summary: What can we as parents learn from the miracle of Jesus through the eyes of His parents, Mary and Joseph?


A. In looking at the Christmas season, we talked about the special meanings behind the Advent – a reminder that He’s Coming Back to Town but not like He arrived the first time. Not on any sleigh nor pulled by any reindeer but with a shout and in the clouds!

We looked at the season of giving, and the giving of gifts to those we love and appreciate. But through the prophet Micah, we were reminded that because of the gift of grace He’s given to us, we are to be living a life that’s worthy of the calling in which we have received.

Our Gifts to Jesus should be a life that Treats Each Other with Honesty; Living a Life that Loves Mercy, and Walking Humbly With The Father through The Son.

B. To continue in our series of Preparing for Christmas 2006, I walked out of my office to get away from the distractions on my desk and come before God. I was searching and praying over what His passage and topic for today was to be.

I walked to the front of the sanctuary looking at all the decorations and noticed the Nativity Scene on the table in the Foyer. One of the characters had fallen and as I reached to pick it up, I noticed it was Mary.

And as I put her character back, I found myself wondering what Christmas might have been like through the eyes of the PARENTS OF JESUS.

C. More important, What Message Does It Send to Us As Parents?

What can we, as parents, learn from the birth of the Lord Jesus through the eyes of Mary and Joseph? Parents, we must be careful in considering what focus we allow our children to learn about this season called Christmas.

What does your life show Christmas to be?

Stressed out buying gifts

Competing with the Jones and Sams down the street or in the family

Right brand. – ALL ABOUT MONEY

Love and Peace; Joy and Serving

Worship and fellowship through His Church

True Celebration of The Season – the Real Season

What do your children learn from you at Christmas?


VS. 26-27


Not a prophet, priest, or someone in God’s Temple performing certain acts of service such as Zechariah.

Rather a humble, Godly Jewish girl at home planning her wedding because she was engaged to be married to a man named Joseph. Probably around 13 years old.


1. In that day, two families would agree to a marriage as well as a cost of the bride to be paid by the grooms parents to the bride’s father.

2. In a Public Announcement, the two families would announce the engagement (betrothal) of the two. This period last for 1 year.

3. This betrothal period is not like our engagement period today. Here the man and woman is actually considered to be married but they do not live together so as to prevent a physical relationship or union.

4. This shows that there has been no relationship between the two.

5. The actual wedding doesn’t take place until after the 1 year period but in all other matters are considered to be husband and wife.

6. Everything is going perfect. Mary is planning her wedding one day and all of a sudden…

Vs. 28-29 – Gabriel’s Greeting & Mary’s Response

“troubled” – “perplexed – agitated” – “to disturb wholly” to say the least.

a. Can you imagine what she must be feeling?

b. How do you respond to God’s tug?

- Excitement, confusion, fear?

Vs. 30-33 – Gabrel’s Explanation

1. “you have found favor with God” (30)

Many misuse this blessing so let us go through it slowly:

God chose Mary – a normal humble girl. He blessed her and she humbly accepted the call to be the Mother of Jesus but nothing more. Wow, what a call but a call none the less. Some more on her in just a moment.

2. give Him the Name “Jesus” (31)

Greek form of the Hebrew name “Joshua” – both meaning “Yahweh saves”

Just as Joshua had led Israel into the Promised Land so Jesus would lead into Eternal Life.

Vs. 34 – Mary’s Question (Not Request for Proof)

1. “How…?” Can you imagine what must be running through her mind at this time?

2. This was not a fleece – a sign of proof as Zechariah requested in 1.18

a. we live by faith not by proof

b. Gideon’s fleece was before the gift of God’s Spirit to empower us and enable us to live by faith and God’s presence within us. (Skim Judges 6)

Vs. 35 – Gabriel’s Answer (God’s Plan)

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you” “Power of Most High will overshadow you”

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Ted Baker

commented on Dec 13, 2007

The exposition of this section was a refreshing departure from much of the topical drivel heard now a days!

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