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Summary: The comparison of the Christmas Tree and the Christian life or experience.

The Christmas Tree Christian.

1. They are GROUNDED.

a. in love...eph.3:17-20

b. in the Labor of God. colossians 1:16-23 (quickview)  HE did it ALL!

c. their look( 1 peter 5:10 (quickview) ..settle you!..able to stand erect ).

2. They are GREEN.

( the pine, fir, spruce, and the cedar are all members of the evergreen family. )

a. the life in them...1 jonh 5:10

b. their likes..psalms 92:12-15 (quickview) ...the word of God, fellowship with the brethren, spiritual things.

c. their language...rom. 1:16, rom. 8:35-39

d. their lasting...( these trees have oil in them to repel insects and weather...)

3. They GLOW. ( lights on the tree )

a. the light is inside... 1 peter 2:9-10 (quickview) 

b. they are linked up..vs.34-35 words tell of heart..

c. they are luminating..ephesians 5:11-15 (quickview) ...Moses after the Mount, ...peter, james,and john after seeing jesus on the mount...

4. They have GARNISHINGS on them.

a. love...1 john 3:1-3 (quickview) 

b. peace..rom. 5:1

c. hope..1 tim. 1:1..titus 2:11-13 (quickview) 

d. redeemption..1 peter 1:18-20 (quickview) 

e. righteousness..2 corin. 5:21

f. our needs...phillippians 4 (quickview) 

5. There are GIFTS under this tree.

a. salvation...john 3:16-18 (quickview) 

b. forgiveness...1 john 1:9 (quickview) 

c. rest...matt. 11:28

d. a future..eph.2:3-10


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