Summary: In the presence of trouble, some people grow wings, while others buy crutches. I’m sure Mary felt the same way when she heard how she was going to have a baby & how it was to happen. Let’s examine the birth of Jesus together!

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In a little small "dry" town. A businessman decided to open a tavern. The local Churches began an outcry! They all came together to pray and asked God to intervien.

Two days later, lightening mysterioulsy struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The owner hired a laywer to sue the Churches for he felt it was their fault he lost his business.

The Churches in turn hired a lawyer to plead that "they..." had nothing to do with it. The judge replied, "It isn’t clear how the ruling will be, but there is one thing that is clear. The owner of the bar believes in the power of prayer and the Churches do not!"

It’s amazing during this holiday season, the many that you meet who do not believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. We have the evidence what’s not to believe. Let’s examine this together.

Main Division

I. The Prelude To The Story (Lk 5-13)

II. The Promise That Was Spoken (18-25)

III. The Power Of God Seen (26-38)

Conclusion: Jesus is the REASON for the SEASON

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