Summary: An all-age Christmas Day talk based around a game of Pass the Parcel with 7 points all relating to the 7 layers of the parcel! This was written with not-yet-Christians in mind.

Christmas - Luke 2: 11 (an all age talk)

A father was chatting with his daughter one afternoon in the early spring and asked her what she might want for Christmas. The young girl gave it some thought and then replied that she would like a little brother. By some fluke of date alignment, sure enough on Christmas Eve Mum returned from hospital with a baby boy. Rather foolishly the next year, Dad asked his daughter the same question. The girl replied, ‘If it’s not too painful for Mummy, I’d really like a pony’! (Source Unknown)

Well, I wonder what you were hoping for this Christmas. I wonder what you are hoping for this morning here at Christ Church. I wonder what your hopes are for the year ahead.

Well, it’s Jesus’ birthday party! We’re going to play one of my favourite games – pass the parcel. (I wrapped up 7 layers each with a small ‘gift’ inside)

1. ‘Gorgeous’ brand of chocolates: Reminding us that God made the world; reminding us that He created life, and reminding us that God loves us. I wonder if you know that regardless of what you may think of yourself God thinks you are gorgeous. He loves you!

2. Blue Tack: God loves us but let’s be honest we all say and do some things which are rather ‘tacky’. Sometimes our language is a bit ‘blue’ and so Blue Tack reminds us of some of the sticky situations we get ourselves into because of sin – because of our rejection of God.

3. ‘Luke’ and ‘Joseph’ characters. Joseph is one of the heroes of the Christmas story, and Luke is the Doctor who investigated the facts and then wrote his book which we now have as Luke’s gospel in the Bible. Thank God for Luke, and thank God for people today who still make a point of investigating the facts about Jesus for them selves so that they can make an informed decision. Have you done that for yourself?

4. A Champagne-bottle shaped Chocolate: To remind us that Christmas really is a time for celebration because God decided to do something about our rejection of him. God has not simply left us to get on with ruining our world. The birth of Jesus is worth celebrating!

5. A packet of ‘Erasers’: Reminding us of those words of the angels, (Luke 2:11) “Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord!” How does Jesus save us? Jesus saves us because he wipes away our wrongs. Jesus saves us from our sins, and one day he will wipe away our tears. When it comes to our sin Jesus did not come to rub it in. Jesus came to rub it out!

6. Heart-shaped stickers: We must be getting close to the ‘heart’ of the matter now. Just what is at the centre of the parcel? What do we find beneath the wrapping paper?

7. Three nails: Reminding us that God sent Jesus for a purpose. Jesus was God’s gift to the world! We are celebrating Jesus’ birthday today. However, God did not give Jesus so that we can eat too much food, drink too much wine and spend too much money in December every year! Really, it’s true! Christmas leads to Easter and the nails of the cross; because God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but will have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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