Summary: There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting someone else up. The Wise men who came to see the Christ child helps us see this lesson at it’s best!

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I asked a group of fifth graders "Who are some of the wisest men you know..." their answers are classic!

"My next door neighbor Mr. Lee..." but the best of all, "the man who makes the machines work when they break at Chucky Cheeses..."

Long before this list, there were some other very wise men. More often than not, they are overlooked at Christmas time. They were the Wise men who came to seek the Christ child. By the way the same fifth graders called them "The Wise Guys..."

Let see what made them so special.

Main Division

I. Special Because They Were Travelors At Christmas (1a)

II. Special Because They Were True Worshippers (1b-2)

III. Special Because They Were Treasurer Bearers At Christmas (3-12)

Conclusion: Got Christmas?

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