Summary: It’s a general phenomenon that the whole world becomes elated when it comes to Christmas period where by friends and family from different part of the world come together to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Intro: It’s a general phenomenon that the whole world becomes elated when it comes to Christmas period where by friends and family from different part of the world come together to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Christmas to many has become a period whereby people wine and dine, go for tourism and so on. Many celebrate Christmas from time to time without Christ in their life and family, you must take note that this festive period we are is far beyond winning and dinning, if you have not accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour, this period should be a time to do so, celebrating Christmas without Christ is meaningless.


1. Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. John 1: 1 - 2: This man called Nicodemus happens to be one of the ruler of the Jews, a devout man who has been in the work of the service for a while, he happens to be a leader, a Sanhedrin in the Synagogue, but still this man was not saved yet, he needed to know Christ and have Him as His Lord and Saviour. Same is the case, many are in the church for years, they have been serving in various departments, some have even grown to the position of leaders, some are pastors, some are founders but still they do not know whom Christ is.

What is your position in the Church of God, are you are church goer or a follower of Christ are you truly born again or just coming to church?

Categories of people in the Church

i. Miracle seeker – Job seeker, children seeker, those with one ailment or the other

ii. Church goer - I was born in Anglican

iii. Bench warmer – they charge phone and chat with others in the Church

iv. Serious members – they will never grow to become a worker

v. Workers and Leaders that are not born again

vi. The true believer

There are various categories of people in the Church, being in the Church for ages does not guarantee your salvation, each members of the church must work out their salvation

What salvation is not

i. Salvation is not being a Christian

ii. Salvation is not coming to church promptly and regularly

iii. Salvation is not being a worker or a leader in the church

iv. Salvation is not being a pastor or a founder

What is Salvation

Salvation is becoming dead to the flesh and its works by accepting Christ alone as your personal Lord and Saviour and working in His truth.

Salvation is not earned by your good works or commitment, salvation can simply be earned by recognizing your self as a sinner, repent from your sin, forsake your sin, accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour, continue to walk in His truth.

2. Except a man be born again. John 3:3. Nicodemus was admonished by the miracles Jesus was doing, and he was sure an ordinary man would not do that, Jesus responded to him by letting him know is not about miracle or earthly things because all these will go with the world, though he acknowledges that Christ came from God but Jesus made him realize that he can only see the Kingdom of God by becoming born again.

No matter what you position may be or what your status may be physically, spiritually, socially, religious wise, if you want o be partaker of God’s kingdom and participate in the feast of the lamb which is far better than the Christmas we celebrate today you must be born again.

3. How can a man be born again? John 3: 4 – 7: This was the major question Nicodemus asked Jesus Christ on that fateful night when they met which still a prevalent question till today, Jesus gave a direct answer which still applies to as many that seek salvation today, you must be born of water and spirit.

For you to encounter divine salvation you must be regenerated and be baptized, not just going to river for washing but to truly identify yourself with the household of Christ and receive the power of the Holy Ghost. Matt. 3: 16 – 17.

Have you been baptized? What impact does the baptism have in your life? Have you received the power of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues?

Conclusion: Let this season bring about a positive change in your life. Be born again.

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