Summary: exposition on Matt ch 24


Matthew 24 v. 1 - 28 and Revelation 6 v. 1 - 17

Note :-

The Disciples respect for the temple v. 1 - 4, v. 2 and the Lord’s reaction (it would be destroyed), v. 3 now the disciples request for :-

1. A Time v. 36 "but of that day and hour knoweth no man..., but my Father only"

2. A Token v. 15 the abomination of desolation, or the abomination which maketh desolate

3. Teaching v. 4 - 28 the signs of the end of the age - it would be a time of great tribulation v. 21.

This tribulation is:-

(a) Unique in history v. 21 "was not" nor ever shall be

(b) Unequalled in severity v. 22 no flesh saved except the days would be shortened

(c) but Interrupted in mercy v. 22 "the days shortened for the elect’s sake"

The Days prior to the great tribulation will be:-

1. Days of great deception v. 4 "take heed that no man deceive you" Note :-

(a) The Reason for the warning v. 5 many deceivers and many deceived,

their subtletly - " I am Christ", their success - "shall deceive many", their source - satan, their spirit of antichrist Revelation 6 v. 2 -as the white horse of peace.

(b) The Reality of the warning "take heed" - be sober and vigilant

(c) The Response to the warning "try the spirits, whether they be of God"

2. Days of great destruction v. 6 "ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars"

(a) Rumours of wars

(b) The Rise of wars v. 7 "nation against nation"

(c) The Reason for wars Revelation 6 v. 4 peace taken from the earth - the red horse of war

(d) The Result of war Revelation 6 v. 4 They would "kill one another"

(e) The Rest in war ch 24 v. 6 "see that ye be not troubled"

3. Days of great dearth v. 7 "there shall be famines" Revelation 6 v. 5 & 6 - The black horse of famine

Note the :-

(a) Symbolism of famine - balances

(b) Severity of it v 6 "A measure of wheat for a penny."

(c) Security in it - "hurt not the oil and the wine"

4. Days of great disturbance v. 7 "famines, pestilences and earthquakes.

Revelation 6 v. 8 A pale horse -with death - to kill with sword, hunger, death, and the beasts of the earth. Matthew 24 v. 8 " All these are the beginning of sorrows"

Now "the budding of sorrows" v. 9 - 14

seen in the :-

1. World-wide persecution

Here we see the :-

(a) Reason "then" i.e. the christians blamed

(b) Rigours "to be afflicted and killed"

(c) Result - they would be hated of all nations

(d) Revelation -For my name’s sake

(e) Reward - Revelation 6 v. 9 - 11 "and white robes were given unto every one of them." v13 "he that shall endure unto the end shall be saved."

2. World-wide apostacy v. 10 - 13, v. 10

Now we have :-

(a) Spiritual dissertion -the reason is hardship - the result is betrayal and hatred

(b) Spiritual delusion v. 11 " and many false prophets shall rise."

(c) Spiritual deadness v12 because "iniquity shall abound."

and (d) Spiritual difficulties v. 13 "he that endures to the end" - shall be saved

3. World-wide witness v. 14

(a) What will be preached? - " this gospel of the kingdom."

(b) Where? in all the world

(c) Why? for a witness

(d) When? before the end comes.

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