Summary: Some sweet gospel thoughts on the spikenard, myrrh and camphire mentioned by the shepherdess.


This world is filled with sin-sick souls. How sweet it is to know that there is spiritual healing in the gospel of Christ. Our Saviour’s redeeming work is presented to us in Song of Solomon 1:12-14.


Comes from the root of an Indian plant, growing high up in the Himalayas. Spikenard was ointment for the head. The gospel deals with the head of a sinner i.e. the rebellious mindset, the anti-God mentality which pervades every area of life.


One of the best perfumes in Bible times.

Liquid obtained by an incision in a tree - a clear picture of the crucified Christ. Myrrh was offered to the Saviour at Calvary - Mark 15:23. It was used to embalm His dead body - John 19:39.


Small white and yellow fragrant flowers.

Hebrew word ‘copher’ - can be translated ‘atonement’ or ‘propitiation’. Christ is our Atonement. He is precious to us because of His atoning work for us.

The great Physician now is near,

The sympathizing Jesus;

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,

Oh! hear the voice of Jesus.

Your many sins are all forgiven,

Oh! hear the voice of Jesus;

Go on your way in peace to heaven,

And wear a crown with Jesus.

Sweetest note in seraph song,

Sweetest name on mortal tongue;

Sweetest carol ever sung,

Jesus, blessed Jesus.

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