Summary: An All Age Seeker Service on whether church is boring including video, drama, vox pops and a lot of fun! The Service was divided into 3 sections. Order of Service Included. Email me for Powerpoint Presentation.

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“Church is boring!”- true? AAW WBC 9 Feb 2003

(PPT= next PowerPoint title)

1) Sometimes yes- it’s the church’s fault

Illustr: me at school. Forced and bored. Doing diary

- Youth group when 9. Changed the clocks & ended up 55 mins early!

Mr Bean is hilarious (roll clip)

- = how some of us have felt! May feel today

- don’t know when to stand/sit

- = like a library! Shhhhh!

o Radio 4 “What’s church?” That’s where we mind our P’s and Q’s

Quote Oscar Wilde:

“The church is viewed as an ageing grandmother, surrounded by memorabilia and odd musty smells. Lovely to visit, but intolerable to live with”-

Need to be v mindful of how it feels to newcomers (PPT)

We mustn’t think: (PPT)

- This is an Anglican, C of E, thing (PPT)

o There’s nothing deader than a dead Baptist church!

- Jesus isn’t there! (PPT)

o Where 2 or three are gathered…”

o When I came to faith I naively used to think it was boring because Jesus probably wasn’t there!

 How arrogant!

 I failed to see Him!

- They’re not Christians (PPT) OR

- They’re not committed! (PPT)

o Takes a HUGE amount of commitment, faith and maturity to stick with it… something like this!

o The may go for the exact opposite reason!

 Deeply committed to Jesus

 Maybe to help… grow it

 Maybe that’s THEIR way of worshipping, corporately

Besides- only God knows their hearts (ppt)

Another truth is this

We mustn’t think (ppt, runs itself, timed)

- drums, bands etc

- is more pleasing to God than

- organs etc

That’s to do with styles and culture… not spirituality

So- (PPT) in one sense- it doesn’t matter to God… … and shouldn’t matter to US whether it’s

- 20, 50, 100 or 250 years behind culturally

- apart from ONE thing:

- “Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of its non-members!”

Jesus spoke of leaving the 99 sheep (PPT) to go and search for the one that went astray

Society is moving SO fast nowadays

- change of one generation, 25 years, takes place in 5 or less

- if we don’t always ask “how can I BETTER communicate this message… change the packaging (not the gift)”

 we’ll fail!

- If we’re still doing it the same in 5 years time

 We have failed

And THIS is an important thing- because it has to do with people’s very salvation!!

So- it’s GOOD to worship God in different ways (PPT, will autoshow Mr Bean)

- but to make Jesus boring to Seekers is a sin!

And so- we need to be honest. The church has failed (ppt)

- (PPT) we’ve failed by playing safe and pandering to Christians (fat sheep!)

o comforting & cuddling them

 -> boring!

 And have made the message and Jesus appear less attractive in doing so

- (PPT) but some of us have fallen off the other side of the log, as well

o particularly evangelical churches where, rightly, we believe people NEED to be saved and make CHOICE to follow Jesus

o we have concentrated on CONVERSION rather than discipleship…. And have sometimes resorted to ‘spin’, ‘hype’ to get folks there

 haven’t prepared folks for a LIFE of walking with Him

And so- we try and be like Paul (PPT)

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