Summary: How to enjoy life in Christ

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"Joy No Matter What"

One does not have to ignore the difficulties in order to be joyful. One only has to decide that you will not let them get you down. One can live this day with joy, even though there may be no objective grounds for

being joyful. Joy is its own best reason. One will experience joy not as a result, but as a cause. Let your own joy be a driving force that spreads its’ light far and wide. There is never any reason to feel guilty about being truly joyful. If you decide to live by joy, you will be giving far more than you receive. One needs to decide that today is the day to be joyful. One that chooses to live with joy no matter what the world may demand and will be creating something of real value."

Luke 5:36-39

If people back in 1968 would have been asked which nation will be making watches in the 1990’s and into the 21st century most everyone would have said Switzerland. This nation had dominated the watch industry for sixty years. They had come forth with the minute hand and the second hand. They lead the way in manufacturing the gears, mainsprings and bearings. They had developed to make watches waterproof and even the self winding watch. In 1968 they made 65% of the watches. By 1980 this had changed and they controlled less than 10% of the market. In a three span 50,000 watchmakers lost their jobs. Why do you ask? They failed to see or use the Quartz movement. Seiko accepted the new way and became the leader. The Swiss lost what was future because they refused to make changes. They were blinded by past successes and did not want to change. This is a lesson for the church today. We cannot rely on past success but must adapt to what change will make new success.

If you remember the survey we were giving last week we want to continue with the answers given for: “Why don’t you attend church.” Last week we gave the top four answers and this week we will give the last four.

Reason #5 given “CHURCHES ASK FOR MONEY TO FREQUENTLY.” They claim they do not attend church for the church only wants their money. The preacher spends much of his time just trying to raise money for the ministry. They say they only know about red thermometers gauging the fund drive for the church and the church is not there to help people experience God. Let me ask you do you believe this church is interested more in your money or your person?

Reason #6 given “CHURCH SERVICES ARE ONLY BORING.” What goes on in church is boring, predictable and without life. They would rather watch TV where there is action. They think church would not be able to capture and hold their attention. I wonder if they are boring people to be around.

Reason #7 given is “CHURCH HOLDS LITTLE IMPORTANCE FOR THE WAY I LIVE. They believe that what the church has is out of touch in the world we are living today. The topics, music and language makes God feel He is buried in the past and far removed from the world we live in. How could the one who created the world not be in touch with life today?

Reason #8 given is “I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT GOD EXISTS.” I would not go to church for this reason either.

The problem behind all these reasons is not just with Christian theology but how we do church. I wonder how many there are that stick with the church would comment as I have heard on lady say, “I go to church because I feel I have to, not because I want to. It has never been a positive, meaningful experience.”


I FIND IT IS A PLACE WHERE I CAN FIND SUPPORT IN WHAT I BELIEVE. Jesus said, “Anyone who isn’t helping me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” Because I have believed in Christ the church is my top priority as the place to help you grow in Him. Since the kingdom of God is the top priority in my life, I will want to be where I can hear the Word of God preach and spoken. In the church I can be around those who call God their Father as I do.

I FIND IT IS A PLACE WHERE I CAN HEAR GOD’S WORD. Paul gave this charge the young pastor Timothy to “Preach the Word.” This requires that God commanded His Word to be preached. He wants His Word to be heard! How would you like it if your loved was to say “I love you” not in person but by a tape recorder? I tried this when I was a teenager by writing a letter and it did not meet with response for it was not personal and with my writing it probably made it worse. When I go to church I expect to hear the spoken word of God through the one who gives the message. I expect to hear God speak to me through the voice I hear. I do not hear it in other places and do not expect to hear it for other places are just places and not God’s house set apart for worship. I love His house and I love His word.

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