Summary: A study of Ephesians looking in this sermon at the establishment of the church. It looks at Open Doors, Opposition and Applications from the first days at Ephesus.

“It’s theme is the Church of Christ, founded in the will of the Father, developed by the work of the Son, and united in him through the indwelling and energy of the Holy Spirit.” - Vincent -

In Ephesians the Holy Spirit lifts our eyes from the temporal to the eternal; from the sinful self to the sinless son of God and our new life in Him; from division to unity through Christ in the Church; and from the hurts of this world to the blessings of God in Christ Jesus.

I. Open Doors at Ephesus – Acts 18:18-19:22

a. Paul’s Entrance – The Gospel Arrives at Ephesus

i. Travelled from Corinth, then to Syria and Cenchrea and then to Ephesus.

ii. Acts 18:18-19 – Paul ‘reasons’ with the Jews

1. They wanted him to stay longer

2. But Paul had to leave

iii. Acts 18:20-21 – Paul returns to Jerusalem

b. Eloquent Apollos – The Gospel Proved at Ephesus

i. Acts 18:24 – ‘Mighty’ in Scriptures

ii. Acts 18:25-26 – Apollos Updated

iii. Acts 18:27-28 – Apollos Convinces

c. Paul Returns – The Battle for the Gospel at Ephesus

i. Three Months in the Synagogue - Acts 19:1-9

1. Acts 19:8 – Spake boldly

2. Acts 19:8 – Disputing and persuading

3. Acts 19:9 – Hardened Hearts

ii. Two Years Teaching – Acts 19:9-10

1. The Ephesians grounded in truth – 2 years!

2. Acts 19:10 – Doctrine and evangelism

iii. The Gospel’s Authenticity Established - Acts 19:11-22

1. Acts 19:11 – God’s power displayed

2. Acts 19:13-18 – Imitators exposed

3. Acts 19:19-20 – True repentance

4. Acts 19:21-22 – Plans to leave

II. Opposition at Ephesus – Acts 19:23-41

a. Acts 19:23-24 – Diana’s Demetrius

b. Acts 19:25-27 – Accusation or Commendation?

i. Acts 19:25 – The truth revealed

ii. Acts 19:26 – Breadth, depth and success

iii. Acts 19:27 – Threat to the ungodly

c. Acts 19:28-41 – Wrath, Riot and Romans

i. Acts 19:28-29 – Gaius and Aristarchus taken to the theatre

ii. Acts 19:30-31 – Paul protected

iii. Acts 19:32-34 – Alexander taken

iv. Acts 19:35-41 – The clerk reminds them of Roman rule

III. Applications from Ephesus

a. Paul Reasoned – Acts 17:2, 18:4, 18:19 & 24:25

i. Strong’s Definition:

1. To think different things with one’s self, mingle thought with thought

a. to ponder, revolve in mind

b. to converse, discourse with one, argue, discuss

c. RWP - to select, distinguish, then to revolve in the mind, to converse

ii. Also translated

1. Disputed – Mark 9:34

2. Reasoned out of the Scriptures – Acts 17:2

3. Preached – Acts 20:7

4. Speaketh – Hebrews 12:5 (Proverbs 3:11)

iii. Application

1. We need to ‘reason’ when preaching and witnessing

a. Speak and listen (apologetics)

b. Use Scripture

2. The Holy Spirit uses Scripture to ‘reason’ with us

b. Apollos was mighty and eloquent – Acts 18:24

i. Eloquent

1. Can mean one who has thought much, and has much to say

ii. Mighty

1. Able, Capable

2. Luke 24:19 – Jesus mighty in deed and word

3. Acts 7:22 – Moses mighty in word and deed

c. Bold Christians – Acts 18:26 & 19:8

i. Freedom in speaking

ii. Ephesians 6:19 – Paul asked people to pray for him that he would speak boldly

d. Truth and Evangelism – Acts 19:10

i. Truth brings change

ii. Right doctrine leads to right living

iii. A passion for God leads to a passion for souls

iv. Look at in detail in Ephesians 1:17

e. Breadth, Depth and Success – Acts 19:25-27

i. Breadth – Not just Ephesus, all Asia

ii. Depth – Many persuaded and turned from idolatry

iii. Success – Souls saved, morals changed and error corrected

f. Wrath, Riot and Roman rule – Acts 19:28-41

i. Ephesus not an easy place to evangelize

ii. Physical and intellectual opposition

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