Summary: Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark set a new journey with Gospel. They had full Gospel to give to all on their way. They ventured with a new message of the Love of Christ. Read to enjoy their journey.

Acts 13:04-52 Churches through First Missionary Journey

13:04-12 Mission work at Paphos

13:13-42 Mission work at Pisidian Antioch

13:43-52 Preaching at Synagogue and Opposition

Acts 13:04-12 Mission work at Paphos Island

Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark had sailed to Seleucia and Cyprus. Their first station of Mission was Salamis. There they proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus, Word of God in the Synagogues. They traveled through the whole Island and reached Paphos. There they met a man named Bar-Jesus, who was a sorcerer and false prophet. Bar-Jesus was an Office Assistant to Sergius Paulus, the Proconsul. Paulus had the interest to hear the Word of God. But Elymas the sorcerer, full of evil and son of the devil. He was an enemy of the right, deceitful, and tricky fellow opposed the conversion of Paulus. Paul cursed Elymas to blindness for his evil deeds. Paul had a clear conviction about the ministry and its opponents. He was not hesitant to call few as children of evil, devil, Satan. These words are found in his Epistles too. Paul had the anointing of the spirit and with whom he discerned the spirits and condemned their spirits.

Acts 13:13-42 Mission work at Pisidian Antioch

Paul and Barnabas moved to Perga, but John left them and returned to Antioch. Paul and Barnabas ministered at Pisidian-Antioch. At the request of the synagogue elders, Paul preached the good news. He expounded the truth from Abraham, the history of Exodus, Judges, and Kings. Paul also mentioned the prophecies concerning Christ Jesus. He connected the Old Testament messages with the Gospel messages. Mainly, Paul emphasized the ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ. He established the truth by the grace of God. Many believed in the Gospel and the justification by faith rather than the Law of Moses. Paul never compromised in his preaching. He spoke the Truth in Love and with authority. He had concern for their souls and eternity. Paul's zeal for the Law turned into the love of Christ.

Acts 13:43-52 Mission among Gentiles Begins

Paul and Barnabas had enjoyed the ministry at Pisidian Antioch, there was rousing reception to the Word of God, and many believed the Lord. Jews were filled with jealousy and talked abusively against Paul’s preaching. But, Paul and Barnabas courageously spoke to the Jews about Christ. Though, Jews rejected the Gospel and the grace of God. Paul and Barnabas quoted from the Old Testament prophets and turned to the Gentiles. Here, the beginning of the gentile mission is highlighted. All who were appointed for eternal life believed in the word of God. Gentiles received the word of the Lord gladly and honored it.

The birth of the gentile Church had begun at this place. The fire of the Gospel spread from thence and continues on generations after generations until today. Christian History is full of martyrs, courageous missionaries, pioneers, and millions of disciples who did not count this world as their home. They took preaching Gospel as their primary duty on the earth knowing that, “Jesus is the Lord!” Hence, nothing could stop this mission till Christ returns.


1. Can we use this method of Paul in mission work?

2. How do we interpret the Old Testament theology in our context?

3. Discuss Gospel for all.

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