Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God placed six cities of refuge for the people of Israel. We have those cities available to run and hide at the time of need.

Cities of Refuge Ps. 46:1

GOD IS our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proved help in trouble

Cities of refuge

1. Design of cities. Ex 21:13; Nu 35:11; Jos 20:3.

They were established by God before they were needed.

They were available to all as well as accessible to all.

Their gates were always open.

They were widely advertised.

All the cities of refuge were prominently located at high elevations so that they could be seen from great distances.

Everyone was within a day’s journey from at least one of them.

"Whosoever" needed to flee to one of the cities was free to do so, whether or not he was an Israelite.

The refugee was free to leave after the death of the high priest (Numbers 35:25).

2. Names of the cities. De 4:41-43; Jos 20:7,8.

1. Bezer = “gold ore” or “remote fortress”

It is a gold ore – you can go and get rich in Christ , if you are poor come to him, poor in Spirit come to him, feel worthless come to him, He became poor to make you rich

2. Ramoth = “heights” in Gilead = “rocky region”.

Do you feel like this is a rocky place then He is the high place to rest on. God wanted to take you to the higher places not in this valley hilly area of life. Don’t just satisfied with this hilly life, there are heights need to be conquered. There are heights you need to reached.

3.Golan = “their rejoicing”.

Joy of salvation, joy in the presence of God. Why we need to be sad, Devil wants you to be sad, but their rejoicing is available for you.

4. Kedesh = “holy place” in Naphtali = “wrestling”

Are you wrestling in your life with duel personality, one you wanted to do Wright, one that take you back to this world, always feel guilty, come to him let his holy place make you holy, stand on the holiness of God, You do not need to do battle in yourself.

5.Shechem = “back” or “shoulder”

There is a shoulder, which you can lean on. Are you burdened, are you tired, this shoulder is wide open for every individual who is broken hearted. Weary, tiered use this shoulder. in Ephraim = “double ash-heap: I shall be doubly fruitful”.

6. Hebron = “association” Fellowship, unity. In Judah = “praised”

Do you feel lonely, do you feel left out, do feel no one to talk to, do feeling disappointed. This place of fellowship is for you. My Jesus is there to give you fellowship.

3. Those admitted to obliged to remain in, until the high priest’s death. Nu 35:25,28.

All the cities of refuge stands for Jesus Christ and any one who runs in to the city of refuge is secured until the death of the High Priest. Out high priest is alive and will not die forever and ever. So our life is also secured in Him forever. Amen

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