Summary: In this chapter we have some promises relating to the Church age.

In this chapter we have some promises relating to the Church age. The promise of the remission of sins (verse 1), of the reformation of manners (verse 2) and particularly of the convicting and silencing of false prophets (verses 2-6). A prediction of the sufferings of Christ and the dispersion of His disciples (verse 7), of the destruction of the greater part of the Jewish nation not long after (verse 8) and of the purifying of a remnant of them, a peculiar people to God (verse 9).

Zechariah tells us, “In that day a fountain will be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and impurity.” A provision will be made for the cleansing from the pollution of sin for those who truly repent and are sorry for them. “In that day” the Spirit of grace is poured out to cause them to mourn for their sins, they shall not mourn as those who have no hope, but they shall have their sins pardoned, and the comfort of their pardon in their hearts. Their consciences shall be purified and pacified “by the blood of Christ, which cleanses from all sin” (1st John 1:7).

Christ is exalted to give both repentance and remission of sins; and when He gives the one He

gives the other. This “fountain opened” is the pierced side of Jesus Christ, spoken of in chapter 12:10, from which came out “blood and water” and both for cleansing. Those who “look upon Christ pierced” and mourn for their sins that pierced Him rejoice in Him, because it pleased the Lord to smite this rock, that it might be to us a “fountain of living waters.”

We are polluted. We have sinned, and sin is uncleanness, it defiles the mind and conscience, and

renders us odious to God and uneasy in ourselves, unfit in the service of God and communion with Him, as those who were ceremonially unclean were shut out of the sanctuary. The house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem are under sin, which is uncleanness. The truth is, we are all as an unclean thing and deserve to have our place with the unclean. But there is a fountain opened for us to wash in, and there are streams flowing to us from that fountain, so that, if we are not made clean, it is our own fault. The blood of Christ, and God’s pardoning mercy in that blood,

revealed in the new covenant is a fountain. There is mercy enough in God, and merit enough in Christ, for the forgiving of the greatest sins and sinners. There is a fountain opened for whoever will, may come and take the benefit of it. It is opened not only to the house of David, but to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to the poor as well as to the rich and great. It is opened for all believers, who, as the spiritual seed of Christ, are of the house of David and as living members of the church, are inhabitants of Jerusalem. Through Christ all that believe are justified, are cleansed of their sins in His blood that they may be “made kings and priests” (Revelation 1:5-6).

It is promised in that day, idolatry shall be abolished and the people shall be effectual cured of

their inclination to it. The idols of the fathers shall be so perfectly rooted out that in one

generation or two it shall be forgotten that there ever were such idols among them. They shall either not be named at all or not with any respect; as was promised (Hosea 2:17). This was fulfilled in the rooted aversion which the Jews had, after the captivity, to idols and idolatry, and still retain to this day. It was also fulfilled in the conversion of many to the faith of Christ, by which they no longer made an idol of the ceremonial law, as the unbelieving Jews did, It is still being fulfilled when souls are brought out from the world and the flesh that they may cleave to God only.

In that day, false prophecy shall also be brought to an end. The prophets that are under the influence of the unclean spirit will be removed from the land. The devil is an unclean spirit, sin and uncleanness are from Him; he has His prophets, that serve His interests and receive their instructions from Him. Take away the unclean spirit, and the prophets would not deceive as they do; take away the false prophets that produce sham commissions, and the unclean spirit could not do the mischief he does.

When God silences the false prophets He banishes the unclean spirit out of the land, that dwells in

the false prophets and is a rival with Him for the throne in the heart of man. When the Israelites

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