Summary: Who is Jesus to you? A miracle worker, or the Lord of your life? We have got to be able to answer that before we can fully understand the mission He was on because having faith in Christ is more than a catch-phrase, but a life altering decision.

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Cleansing the Temple

John 2:12-25


- The gospel of John screams of the faith that we should have in Christ

-- It is the clearest example of living life FOR the one who redeemed you and I

- If we can learn to love others like Jesus’ … we can bring them TO Him

-- Re: We won’t bring a friend to something we do not like

-- John demonstrates and challenges us to love people like Christ did

- Today, we will look at last three of 6 “M’s” that happen in John 2

-- Wed we talked about Jesus' mother, His method, and His first miracle

-- Today we will discuss Him at the market, His meanings, and know His motive

- Read John 2:12-25 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – Jesus at the Market

- After the wedding in Cana, Jesus and his disciples traveled to Capernaum

-- Capernaum is at the very Northern tip of the Sea of Galilee in Israel

- Jesus then traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover (a frequent occurrence)

-- Traveling to Jerusalem would’ve been an event, a huge opportunity to “get out”

-- Consider: Living in a tiny town, and now you are going to NYC

- And what He finds, is probably the most disturbing part of our story

-- In Jerusalem, in the House of David, the Temple of the Lord – it’s horrible

- Re: Passover is to celebrate surviving the Angel of Death in Egypt

-- It was held in the first month of the sacred year or 7th month of civil year

- All of the merchandise in v14 would’ve been brought for sacrificial purposes

-- People would travel for great distances and not be able to purchase offerings

-- Re: This is not like packing the minivan for a two hour drive …

- So, upon arrival to the temple, they would need animals to sacrifice

-- The problem here occurs at the beginning of v14 … “in the temple courts”

- This is the place where Gentiles could pray; a place of honor and respect

-- However, they are unable to do that because of the massive flea market

-- But the merchants have come for one reason: To make money, not honor God

- While we may not respond the same way – we still have the same issues today

-- APP: Consider these things and look at modern day church:

• Has the church become a merchandise center?

• Is the ministry more concerned with money than the lost/needy?

• Are the people are more focused on being seen than bringing others in?

- Naturally, we might be startled to see Jesus fashion a whip

-- I’m sure the disciples were in awe watching this happen before their eyes

- So for us, one of the main questions we must ask here is: Why?

-- Why would Jesus respond in a way that seems outside His scope of peace?

-- Why would His response to a “normal occurrence” be so dramatic/drastic?

- APP: Often times, it takes a cleansing to put things back in order

-- The bible is consistent of its representation of God’s house and of prayer

-- These are two highly respected and treasured areas in God’s eyes

- And here, many had come to just “be part of the scene” and go home

-- I pray that we do not attend church just to be seen and then head out

-- APP: In this place, we have a real chance to be made different; new before Him

-- IMP: However, in order to be changed we have to repent of our sin

- These merchants had one desire: to make some money and improve wallet

-- Jesus has come to restore the temple, and the creation, to the Father above

- TRANS: So now we get to the heart of their conversation at the market

∆ Point 2 – Jesus’s Meaning

- In v17 we actually see a requote of Psalm 69:9

-- David’s cry is that having a zeal for God’s house must (will) consume him

-- APP: This zeal will be all that he desires and all that he wants (to honor God)

- Israel always had zeal with their knowledge; now it’s time for action

-- APP: Now they need to put action to their words (head knowledge vs. action)

- The Jews always asked Jesus for proof, signs of his authority (v18)

-- Re: They do this with everyone; even JTB was asked for proof

- So in response, Jesus gives them a foreshadowing of His death (v19)

-- However, they totally missed this prophetic statement: focused here only

- Re: the temple was started by Herod in 20BC (v20)

-- This conversation with Jesus is happening somewhere around 26AD

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