Summary: 6 of 7. The psalmist described the means by which a young man was to cleanse his way or make his way straight in the world. One's way is to be properly maintained. But How? Clearing the Way(for Father’s Day) demands sustained..

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CLEARING THE WAY-part 6—Psalm 119:9-16

Building a house.

There must be no liens on the land.

Permits/legalities must be satisfied.

The land must be cleared!

There must be no obstructions to pouring the foundation.

There must be no dangerous objects in the soon to be yard.—safe for walking

There must be no underlying problems such as poisons from chemical spills.

If you’re in the country, the land must ‘perk.’

If you have children of any age, the moral fortitude of the neighbors must be considered.

—Much must be considered when CLEARING The WAY.

The psalmist described the means by which a young man was to cleanse his way or make his way straight in the world.

A young man entering adulthood can properly maintain his way in the world.

How can a person make their way in the world?

12 Disciplines to maintaining/making your way in the world.

We have previously found that Clearing the Way demands...

1. A PURIFYING Heart(:9a)

2. A KEEPER’s/GUARD’s/PROTECTOR’s Heart(:9b)

3. A HUNTER’s Heart(:10a)

4. A NAVIGATOR’s Heart(:10b)

5. A TREASURING Heart(:11a)

6. A REASONING Heart(:11b)

7. An ADORING Heart(:12a)

8. An OPEN Heart(:12b)


All these disciplines can either be limited to your little world or they can be brought into the realm of service to God.

10—Clearing the Way demands...

A DRIVEN Heart(:14)


:14—“I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, As much as in all riches.”

The man, truly on the cleansed path of God’s choosing, absolutely exults “in” God’s “way,” which is disclosed thru His “testimonies.” God’s open declarations of Himself, His attributes, His purposes, His heart are testimonials to His character & thereby to our “way” in Him by Christ Jesus.

If any young man(:1) is bent on cleansing his way by the Lord God, then he will be filled with the light of God in Christ & be unable to hold it back for the joy lodged within his soul. Such a reliance readily leaves diamonds, gold & acquisitions to the dust they are. For the young man there is absolutely nothing tangible which can provide a joy which YHWH offers those who are His.

Mat. 6:19-21—“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth & rust destroy & where thieves break in & steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys & where thieves do not break in & steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Some within earshot today may care more about ‘your stuff’ than about the One you claim is your Lord! You have chosen “riches” over God’s “testimonies” to your detriment.

?What gets in the way of your service to God?

Your personal satisfaction...What drives it?

A Christ-honoring man is joyful of the journey he is on, because his joy is tied to the integrity of his service to God.

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