Summary: 4 "TIONS" for Spiritual and Ministry Growth

Climbing Ever Higher:

"Necessary NoTIONS"

Talk about the climbing wall. Talk about the excitement. Talk about the difficulty. Talk about someone who is not ready to climb! ME!

If I were going to make the climb up the new wall, there would be some necessary "NoTIONS" that I would need! The Christian life is a climb…the same “notions” apply!

I. DeterminaTION-Decide to…

A. First the decision to make the climb. Not a light weight decision!

B. Secondly the comittment to make the climb! An even more difficult DETERMINATION.

C. Joshua 24:14,15

1. Joshua made the decision or determination that he would follow the Lord.

2. He followed up that decision with a commitment before the people of Israel.

D. Have you made a decision to climb higher than you ever have before:

1. Step outside of you comfort zone.

2. Go beyond your abilities.

3. Reach farther than your expectations?

a. story of flea in a jar.

II. PreparaTION: Learn How…

A. After the decision comes the preparation.

1. John 20:19-21 Christ sent the Disciples out to spread the good news…..but not before he

had prepared them for 3 years!

2. He taught them with His words, He instructed them with His example, He would empower

them with His Spirit!

3. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, with whatever

consequences are required to "Climb Higher in your walk and service for God?

III. PersperaTION: Work Toward…

A. Climbing takes EFFORT. Climbing is WORK!

B. No one ever went beyond their boundaries without good old fashioned sweat being involved!

C. Wrestling example…NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

D. Matthew 5…the Beatitudes…or The BE Attitudes…they are work. But I guarantee that if you

determine and prepare to the kind of Christian described in Mat 5, it will be HARD WORK!

E. How sweaty do you get in your Labors for the Master?

IV. CooperaTION: Strive Together!

A. Climbing right is a team effort!

1. Describe the spotters…the rope handlers…the builders…the instructors…

2. 1 Cor 3:5-9 Working TOGETHER

3. Imagine each person on a climb doing their own thing!

4. It has been said that "we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution".

a. Are you a problem?

b. Or are you part of the solution?

V. Are you willing? How High Will YOU Climb?

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