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A. Along the passages inside the shopping centre:

B. Each shop for clothing is different.

Question: What are the three ways of getting a new lifestyle with Christ?

1. The first way to get clothes is to enter into the shop.

a. Jesus is the Door, who gives a new inner life!

b. Jesus is the Door, who never locks Himself apart from you, when you are seeking a new lifestyle that has a taste for you!

c. The touch at new clothes is only done by entering into the shop.

2. The second way to have a taste of a new lifestyle is to do the war on the old clothes.

- To "take off your old self with its practice" is.....

to remove what was causing you problems that did not have you to experience a new lifestyle!

not to have sympathy for it!

is your own responsibility, not your Lord Jesus'.

3. The third way of experiencing a new lifestyle with Him is to put on new clothes.

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