Summary: Because of the clutter and the noise in our lives, we often fail to see what Jesus does and can do for us. It seems as if we are constantly grasping, but never grabbing hold of that which changes us for the better.

He walked on water which shows us that nothing can separates us from Him.

He made that water into wine which shows us He can create something out of nothing.

He ate and drank with people that we would never want to be caught around which shows us that we are all deserving of even the smallest of attention from each other and the greatest of attention from Him.

He gave a blind man sight. He also gives us visions and dreams.

When he spoke he always drew a crowd. He also offended many with the truth.

He brought the dead to life and gave us life when we found Him.

He spoke light and he spoke fire into existence and He created in us a passion for Him.

He lived his life as if he was a living testimony to the words he spoke

Yet many of us fail to see this truth because of the noise in our lives. We have fancied our lives up to look like an ornamental decoration dedicated to the gods of the unknown. With no remorse for the pain that we have given our soul, we continue on with one eye towards heaven and the rest of our body firmly planted in the depths of an eternal grave that will bring nothing but pain and sorrows eternally.

It seems as if we are constantly grasping for a ray of hope that will bring us forth from the living grave that we are in, searching in every corner of the known and unknown. We create hope by giving power to the inanimate creations in our lives. We have created hope by giving power to the ‘spirit’ of love and the ‘spirit’ of friendship with each other. We have created hope by giving power to meaningless words that spring forth from each created being as if the words of man have more power than that which ‘spoke’ man into existence.

We have leaned on our own understanding of things to give us a sense of power. We have have leaned on our reasoning that gives us a false sense of understanding. We have leaned on the clutter and the noise in our lives to give us a false reasoning. The ornamental decoration that is our lives is a life that is full of nothing. This nothingness is not void and empty, instead, it is a nothingness that is full of noise and clutter. Yet it is nothingness in the eyes of the Great Creator.

Because if it is a life that is full of our own reasoning that brings us a false understanding which gives us a false sense of power.

And it creates things to have hope in.

And it fools our souls into thinking that all is well.

Then it is nothingness. No matter how humanly full our lives may appear to be, they are empty and void in the eyes of God the Father, God the Creator, The Great I AM. The clutter of human reasoning and understanding has created a great divide between us and The Father above.

Jesus hates clutter. Jesus hates when we fill our hearts and minds with clutter. Mark 11 gives the account of Jesus cleaning the clutter. The people had the appearance of seeking God, but it was not the reality for the majority. People had lost their focus. His appearance in the temple gives us insight into seeing that Jesus was adamantly opposed to anything that gets in the way of people encountering Him. Quoting from Isaiah, He said that we have made his house a ‘den of thieves.’ We are allowing the thief to steal our focus away from Jesus, The Son of God.

I was counseling a gentleman the other day. Over the years I have invited Him to church and He would tell me he was thinking about it, but the day never came. I hadn’t seen him in a couple years except for bumping into him at the store on occasion, so we thought it was strange when he called out ot the blue wanting to meet together with Carissa and I.

As we were talking, he shared how he had been attending a bible study and reading his bible. He said he was reading a book and the book told him that if he had faith he could find victory. So one day as he was meditating, he was playing an online game of chess on a level that he just couldn’t seem to find victory at. He said he began to pray and believe that he was going to win. He even began to speak it! He said he didn’t know what happened, but suddenly about 4 moves later, he looked on his screen to realize he won. It took him a moment or two to realize it, and when he did, he started to think back to what had just happened. He said that during that short game, and after he began to speak victory and believe, he couldn’t really remember anything else. I told him that it sounded as if God was showing you that if you clean your mind and the clutter in your life, you’re going to begin to find victory.

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