Summary: You've seen the C'Mon Man bloopers on ESPN. Well the bible is full of people who had more than their share of bloopers. Thank God for His grace and forgiveness.

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Scripture: James 1:5 “Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives to all generously and without criticizing, and it will be given to him.”

Introduction: Let’s face it, we all do some pretty dumb stuff. For most of us, our lives are full of bloopers.

“C’Mon Man moments!”


I. Adam & Eve!

*Genesis 2:16-17*

A. A dumb decision

1. “C’mon Man”

2. That C’mon Man moment caused trouble for all of us.

B. Consequences

1. A loin cloth….. “C’mon Man”,

2. Intense Child Birth….. “C’mon Man”

3. Men must sweat and work hard….. “C’mon Man”

4. Booted from the garden…. “C’mon Man”

II. David!

A. Bathsheba!

1. 2 Samuel 11:11

2. 2 Samuel 12:11

B. This man was out of his mind.

1. He was consumed with his own lust….. “C’mon Man”

2. He used his power for his own gain…. “C’mon Man”

3. He had a man killed to cover his sin…. “C’mon Man”

III. Jonah!

A. A whale of a problem!

1. Jonah 1:15-17.

B. You can run but you can’t hide. (There’s always ship headed the wrong way)

1. Fish food….. “C’mon man!”

2. Ran from God…. “C’mon man!”

3. Rebellious and disobedient….. “C’mon man!”

IV. Samson!

A. Judges 16:6-17

1. Compromised his calling….. “C’mon man”

2. Lied to cover up lies…. “C’mon man!”

3. Hooked up with Delilah a nagging women….. “C’mon Man!”

4. Lost his strength, his eyes, his dignity, and God’s presence…. “C’mon Man!”

V. Judas Iscariot!

A. John 6:70.

1. He was money hungry….. “C’mon Man!”

2. His desire for power got in his way…. “C’mon Man!”

3. He betrayed Jesus with a Kiss of death…. “C’mon Man!”

4. He lost it all….. “C’mon Man!”

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