Summary: When our focus is on Christ as it should be we can worship in any circumstance

The Coffin, The Choir, and The Christ

Isaiah 6: 1-9

The prosperity of King Uzziah's reign seems to have weakened the national character. Deep seated degeneracy was eating out the vitals of the nation. The unbroken summer of fifty years with its prosperity and wealth had induced a moral decay that had filled the prophets heart with dismay.

Such feelings that permeated the hearts of Americans the day after Kennedy was assassinated or the day after the 9-11 tragedies. Dread and fear of an uncharted tomorrow. With robes of righteousness wrapped tight many ran to the temple for consolation. As David when his heart was overwhelmed, so did Elijah and us; running to God for hope and consolation.

As Elijah enters the temple scenes of the outside tradgey and Uzziahs coffin fade from the prophets view. The fabric of humanity unravels as the choir's antiphonal chanting falls on the prophets ears. So it is with us; we reach our churches with such despair and dismay. Then the choir begins to lift us into another realm of spirit. One answers another Holy, Holy, Holy. A continual cry of holy resonates throughout the temple. Until it becomes a roar of chanting, singing, praising angels.

The prophets eyes are lifted from the coffin to behold the flying mobile angel choir. And in this atmosphere of ecstatic worship Christ is ushered from Glory to Glory inside the temple. His train fills the entire temple. While his train fills the temple one can easily touch the hem of His garment.

The temple is just as filled above as beneath; From side to side the presences of the train is filling the temple. Whether it fills the temple (church) or not it can fill our temple. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. We must avert our eyes from life's coffins until we hear the choir and see the Christ!!

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