Summary: Discover How to align ourselves with our destiny, in order to collide.


Intro: What Should We Be Doing to align ourselves for a head on collision w/our destiny?

When Out Of Alignment - we drift/hit something on the side (of life) rather than a head on collision

Other Wrd's 4 Collide: Hit, meet head-on, plow into

Text. Ecc 10:7

This Scripture: Picture of a bad alignment

Many are not in the place they're suppose to be

A. Prince - child of the king- ought to be on the horse

B. Slave -on the horse- ought to be on foot

Why Are So Many, Not In Alignment?


"Not who we are that holds us back- it's who we think were not"

Lazarus> Jn 11

His Raising was in a moment

His Releasing was a -"PROCESS"

Wrapped Up?? 11:44 The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. Jesus said to them, "Take off the grave clothes and let him go."

Those Limitations - Is the process....

Notice: 3 specific things were covered- & Jesus said to them

a) HANDS- Not Yet put hands to the plow

Hands- on other things

b) FEET - Walk "not yet there"

PR 2:12 -13 Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse, who leave the straight paths to walk in dark ways,

Wisdom can save us from alot..Bible says to seek out wisdom!!

For sum it's the complete opposite

One lady steps out for her morning jog and sees a man lumped over on the sidewalk in front of her house and isn't moving. She goes back inside and calls 911 - there's man in front of my house and is hurt real bad, can you send someone right away.. Sure Mam, just need to ask a quick couple of questions. Let's start with your address: she says: I live at 5523 sycamore st. Can u spell that.. Uh C y - no no, Sik...uh; how about if i just drag him over to elm street

Stay dumb- unwise

c) FACE - Beauty "covered" A POOR SELF IMAGE

That is why people can not see themselves doing this that or the other- eyes are covered

Secondly - why many are not in alignment


Wait a min, hold up - Preacher - I don't limit God

NKJV Ps 78: 40-42

How often they provoked him in the wilderness, and grieved him in the desert. Yes again and again they tempted God and Limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember his Power The day he redeemed them from the enemy

Listen to our conversations...... (thoughts)

 Great he blessed you with that Job. BUT Can God

 He healed Sister So and So -BUT Can God

 Brand New Home/Car - BUT Can God

The Bible Says: Is there anything too hard for ME

All Of Us have Been There..Religious Folk / Pharisee won't fess up- But The Real People!!!

3 things we do that causes us to limit God

1. Wrong Perspective

People Look (view) life five different ways:

• Vexation - life is full of trouble & suffering

• Void- just meaningless

• Vanity- looks important but meaningless

• Vacation- always seeking pleasure though not having any lasting pleasure

• Victory - Living Victoriously for God

This perspective is one that we want

2. Wrong People

Bible says: Bad co. Corrupts good character

Those who you assoc with - cause Us 2 believe or limit

3. Wrong Posture

God Doesn't need to perform for us!!!

As if "GOD" is A Circus Act- Wrg - Posture "Circus Ringleader"

God Wants To Move, Bless, Deliver, Prosper....


Need leaders strong enough to change our minds

Sometimes: Not the lack of, BUT the wrong Leader

Insecure, bottleneck

So Then if wrong leader > a Head on collision is unlikely

Jealous leader (saul)

Imagine if jealousy was in the very beginning It would look like this :

Adam and Eve were enjoying another day in paradise, just lying peacefully by a stream, when Eve asked Adam what he was thinking. "Oh, nothing, really" was his reply. Suddenly, Eve jumped up and grabbed Adam. She began frantically poking him in the chest. "Woman," Adam shouted, "just what do you think you're doing?" Eve stared him dead in the eyes and shouted back, "Be quiet! I'm counting your ribs!"

Need Leadership That's:

 Affirming - firm up on the out's what you know is within

 Challenging

 Ahead OF - Not your peer

 Purposeful- do what they do wit purpose

 Courageous- not afraid to confront

Lastly -why bad alignment:


BC- Lying to us - die a drug addict

Greatest deception - to get us to think we are above deception

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