Summary: Shows the effect sin has on us because of the fall of man.

Combat In the Mind II

It is God who often times initiates conflict in our lives (Except for self-Induced Conflict that comes from our own immaturity). Since God is in man, when we meet him at the internal altar, it is in our own mind and in our heart where God begins to replace the sinful desires that are inherent in us.

How does he do that? He must replace the old mind with a new mind that will now desire spiritual things.

In seeking Christ, one eventually discovers the freedom he has always longed for.

The War within the Mind

It is without question that in the mind is where we wrestle with the desires of the flesh that are engaged in serious war against the will of the spirit.

Normally when we initially give our lives to Christ, we feel so powerful as we surrender ourselves to him; and at the same time there is another dark part of us that is infringing on this new source of power. This is when the conflict reaches it’s peak-the conflict between good and evil, night and day and light and darkness between right and wrong.

You must be asking your self by now why this conflict has:

1) intensified-rather than-diminished,

2) magnified-rather than-minimized,

3) enlarged-rather than-got smaller,

Since I have surrendered?

The answer to the question is very simple:

When Jesus becomes a part of your life, the Light that shines on the mind illuminates and accentuates two opposing forces:

1) The mind of the flesh

2) The mind of the spirit

At this time your eyes are automatically opened to seeing the light shining into your soul, and now you see yourself in the light as never before.

You begin to see your faults and human frailties they are put side by side; you begin to visualize the difference between your weak nature and God’s powerful life that is at work within you.

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