Summary: The first part of John 21 shows us a beautiful picture of His invitation to you and me. Jesus invites the disciples to join Him in fellowship, with no strings attached. Will we accept the same invitation?

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Come and fellowship with Jesus

John 21:1-14

Last time we saw the reaction of the disciples to Jesus’s resurrection

Their faith gives us great hope to apply to ourselves and work towards as well

It is in faith that we find strength – and the ability to overcome today’s issues

∆ Let’s Go Fishing

In this event we see 7 disciples who experienced this event

Their mode of relaxing is simple: “I’m going to fish”

It’s incredible that even today, this same mode appeals to so many

However, after a long night, they’ve caught nothing

The disciples notice someone on the shore, but can’t tell who it is

Lots of pondering about this – but I think it was just dim and hard to see

Now, one thing I know, is never to ask a question (v5) like this

APP: If they had some fish, they certainly would’ve shown it/celebrated it

But something interesting comes from this stranger (v6)

When it is suggested that they toss from the right side, wonder what they thought

Consider: Had they only been fishing on the left side? Of course not!

Curiously, these men not only caught fish – but an abundance of them

Could this be because Jesus appeared? Or because He knew the water?

Or perhaps, it was because they believed enough to try this suggestion?

Whatever the reason, their catch yielded more than fish

They realized who is was that suggested this attempt to them

John said – in a shout of excitement/proclamation – “It is the Lord!”

Peter – in absolutely excitement – grabs his cloak

Note: He would’ve been dressed to work, probably with an under garment

Grabs his outer cloak, puts it on, and jumps into the water to swim!

The remaining disciples pulled their fish (and the boat) to shore

Upon their arrival, a fire had been built and fish were cooking

∆ An invitation to breakfast

Having arrived at the shore, these men have breakfast together

IMP: If Jesus were not alive, He could not have eaten food with them

Nor could he have prepared the fire when they arrived

APP: He is not a poltergeist – but a real being with flesh and bone (glorified body)

This fellowship is what I would like us to really take note of

The church, much like this group, gathers to enjoy one another’s company

While this meal accompanied a miracle, it is no different than us today

We are called to join together just the same, to spend time encouraging/learning

Acts 2:46, “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”

I think we lose sight of this APP in our modern day

Personal: I’d like us to gather more often, to share in fellowship like this

Consider: How easy is it to get distracted and fall apart/become strangers?

It’s times like this gathering that something unique comes from it

It is not that we get our bellies filled … (by-product)

But that together, we agree that Jesus is our Lord in our fellowship

His invitation to “come and have breakfast” comes with no strings

It is an open invitation to gather, to enjoy, and to love … just as He did/does

What a beautiful picture of His invitation to you and me tonight

∆ Big Idea

I’m often most amazed at stories like this which are so transparent

There is no other reason to see this except that they were invited in

And in that invitation, they gathered together to enjoy one another’s company

Sunday’s message is my favorite from this gospel – hope you will be here


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