Summary: Come on in this house the table is set and the feast of the Lord is going on, but in order to eat at this table you must be His friend. Servants don’t eat at the master’s table, but friends do.

“Come Let Us Break Bread Together”

Luke 14:15-24

Naturally my mind began to think about the Lord’s Supper when on the night He was betrayed took bread: and when He had given thanks, he break it and said , Take eat: this is my body, which is broken for you, then he took the cup and said this is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye do this show forth the Lord’s death until He comes.

If we look at this topic “Come Let Us Break Bread Together” and begin to analyze it we will begin to understand a few things.

Come: - The word come is a verb, it’s a word of action. According to “Webster’s Dictionary” it simply means an invitation to move into vicinity, to advance toward, to enter into, to take on the aspect of with a specified purpose.

Example: - When Jesus was walking on the water and Peter said “Lord if it be thou you bid me to come”. Jesus said, “come”. It was the invitation for Peter to begin to move toward the vicinity of Jesus with the specified purpose to get to Him.

Let: - The word let simply means to permit, allow, and grant, to free from confinement.

Example: - Peter had to let himself be freed from the confinement of the physical man, let or allow himself to move into the vicinity of the spiritual realm in order that he may be able to move with a specified purpose toward Jesus Christ.

Break: - The word break means to render or to separate.

Example: - Peter had to separate, break himself away from the rest of the disciples in order to be able to move into another realm.

That’s why the Bible says come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord.

Bread: - Bread is food, sustenance, or livelihood.

Example: - In John 6 Jesus said I am the bread of life, he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.” When Jesus said to Peter come, He was inviting Peter to move toward that life source, the bread of life Himself Jesus Christ.

Come Let Us Break Bread Together

However there are 2 words that stand out that God wants His people to understand and they are “Us” and “Together”.

Us: - Let’s one understand that it’s not just me or not just you. It states the fact that there’s more than just one person. It incorporates the minimum requirement in order to get in contact with God or for God to show up. Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.” The minimum requirement necessary. I’ll get back to that.

Together: - means collectively, combined, unified, in agreement or harmony with. It states the fact that there must be relationship.

Relationship: - is the state of affairs existing between those having dealings with each other.

**We are living in what the Bible calls perilous times. Wrong is being called right and right is being called wrong. People’s conscience is as though it has been seared with a hot iron. Morality and decency are words that now must be looked up in a dictionary instead of portrayed by society. We now have homosexuals being established in the church; the 10 commandments are being taken out of public facilities. The voice of sin is allowed to be heard triumphantly, while the voice of the church is being silenced. The more perverse, degrading, and unlike God something is the more we tend to like it. Our society is starting to dictate how our relationship with God should be. Realize that this is not the time for individualism, this is not the tie for spiritual separation, this is not the time for denominational disharmony, but this is the time that we the church, the children of God, those that are called by His name according to His purpose to come together and develop our relationships. Understand that no man, woman, denomination, or organization is an island and no one stands alone. The song by Hezikiah Walker says, “I need you”. I need you, you need me, we are all a part of God’s body, stand with me agree with me we’re all apart of God’s body. It emphasizes that there must be relationship.**

We find in our text that Jesus is talking to His disciples in a parable. A parable is a natural story with a spiritual meaning.

He tells His disciples that a certain man gave a great feast, in other words “Come let us break bread together”. Then he sent his servant to tell all them that he had invited to come for all things were now ready. However the people with one consent began to make excuses on why they could not attend the feast. One said I bought a piece of land and must go see it. Which indicates a bad businessman to buy something sight unseen.

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