Summary: This is #10 in a series that looks at the COMES of God in the Bible.

Isaiah 1:18

“come now”

I. The PEOPLE WHICH ARE SOUGHT in the invitation

A. Plagued with stupidity

B. Permeated with iniquity

II. The PLEA WHICH IS SIGNIFICANT in the invitation - “come now”

A. Significant because of the person initiating the invitation

B. Significant because of the period indicated in the invitation

III. The PROBLEM WHICH IS STRESSED in the invitation – “though your sins be as scarlet , they shall be as white as snow: though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”

A. Sinner by birth (nature)

B. Sinner by behavior (practice)

1. The problem of every man concerns

the presence of sin.

2. The problem of every man concerns

the power of sin.

3. The problem of every man concerns

the penalty of sin.

IV. The PROMISE WHICH IS SURE in the invitation – “though your sins be as

scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as


A. Here is an offer that is amazing

B. Here is an offer that needs acceptance

There are many words in scripture that carry a great message. There is an inevitable word, one that everyone faces – “Death.” There is a mysterious word - “Why.” There is a sad word - “Sin.” There is a dangerous word - “Tomorrow.” There is a beautiful word - “Forgiveness.” However it seems to me that the favorite word of the God is the simple word “COME.” Even a child can understand the simple words COME. God’s invitation is so easy. He made it that way so that the old, young, middle and the elderly could understand it.

We have looked over the past several weeks at the some of the times God has used the word - COME. This morning we will look at another of those instances where God says, “COME.”

In the midst of the Old Testament prophets, we have what some have called the Gospel of Isaiah. There cannot be found any brighter gem of Gospel truth anywhere in the Old Testament. That gem is found in verse 18. God made an amazing offer to sinners in verse 18.

God is speaking, and He makes an offer to humanity. He offers to save, forgive, and cleanse man from all his sin. You cannot read this verse without being in awe with how much God love us and how much He longs for salvation.

Surely we cannot read this verse and not feel the love God has for us.

Notice the graciousness of God’s invitation. He says "come." God’s word of invitation to lost men and women is "come." There are 642 personal invitations in the Bible to "come," and it is God who gives the invitation every time. Why does God invite us to come? Not only because He loves us, but because we need to come. The earlier verses of Chapter One indicate we are a sinful and rebellious people, yet He is a gracious and loving God and He invites is to come.

I. The PEOPLE WHO ARE SOUGHT in the invitation (who is being invited)

This is an imperative sentence; as a result, we have to look back to proceeding verses to see who the “YOU” (which is understood) is being invited.

The people being invited to come were

A. Plagued with stupidity - “Israel doth not know …my people doth not consider”

Though Israel and man does not know yet the ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib.

The ox and ass know more than man. Animals sometimes seem to have more sense than people.

Are you aware that to due to their alertness to natural phenomena, they have at times helped man avoid disaster. By their abnormal behaviour, they have indicated when an earthquake may be imminent.

In northeastern China, officials were able to warn and evacuate people from high-risk areas hours before a killer earthquake struck years ago. They were alerted to the disaster by cattle that mooed more than usual and chickens that refused to roost.

Years ago in Japan, 20 small quakes within a few months were accurately forecast because observers noted that catfish swam frantically, as if chased by sharks.

From the prophet Isaiah we learn that observing animals can even teach us much. Isaiah noted that an ox knows its owner, and a donkey knows where its food comes from . These animals know who takes care of them.

God’s creation, however, often aren’t smart enough to remember their Creator.

God Himself is making this assessment. God’s indictment contrasts His own creation (man) with "dumb" animals who are actually "smarter" than we are. He says that even these dumb animals know , but man does not know. God says with what seems a sense of amazement that His people have behaved worse than these dumb brute beasts of burden!

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