Summary: A challenge to come out of the places we feel safe or hidden and tackle what God has planned for our lives.

Come out of the cave!!

1 Kings 19:9-12

1 - I give up!

A - Living For God can make you feel alone - none left but me Lord.

1- right choices with friends (lost friends)

2 - right choices on job (may cost you acceptance)

3 - right choices in world ( may keep you from fitting in)

B - God’s plan will not fail

1- verse 15 - God said go (It does not depend on our feelings or ideas about things)

2 - Remember Calvary (disciples thought it was the end - confused)

3 - God’s plan for your life may seem uncertain - don’t go to a cave!

2- Listen for God

A - God will find you in your ‘caves’ of life and give you guidance

1 - He spoke in the still small voice - not in what one might expect -Wind etc..

2 -He said what are you doing here? Jezebel wants to kill Elijah but God is in

control- Remember

3 - The Holy Ghost will guide you - led by the Spirit

B - Don’t give up - Get up!!

1 - Never move to a cave of life

2 - God wants you to LIVE

3 - True life is in Christ as a new Creation - part of God’s eternal kingdom

C - Show me your gloves

1 - David Deville and Bill Enterkin - Illustration A

2 - Don’t just talk about what you can do

3 - Don’t hide in a cave and tell about what you could do IF

4 - Show me your gloves!!!

Illustration A

This story was told to me by Bill.

Bill ran a bull dozier service and while working for a large trucking company was having trouble keeping workers. They complained it was too hot in the Louisiana heat with humidity around 95 %. After losing 2 workers that week he was having to work late to keep up with the schedule. Around lunch the trucking company owner (David) showed up and stated he could work better than those ’young’ men who quit (he was 76). Bill (in his 60’s) replied ’show me your gloves!’. After David stared at him for a moment he reached behind his truck seat and pulled out his work gloves. They worked together until dark.

We must be willing to do more than talk about what we ’could’ or ’should’ do in the kingdom work - SHOW ME YOUR GLOVES!!!

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