Summary: There came a women, she was a nobody, know one knows her name, she was expecting nothing, but looking for something.

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John 4:1-4:29

Come See A Man

John 4:29


Leaving Judea Jesus and his disciples departed for Galilee. Our must needs go through Samaria. The disciples were displeased because they didn’t like the Samaritans. Pastor, why didn’t the disciples like the Samaritans?

When he got to the country of Samaria he came to the City of Sychar. There he sat upon a well called Jacobs well. Here is what theologians call way side chance. Not chances in this just happened, but here is an opportunity. You have to understand that Jesus arrived at the well at 12 O’clock noon, which is 3 O’clock in Jewish time.

There came a women, she was a nobody, know one knows her name, she was expecting nothing, but looking for something. This woman goes down in Biblical history as one of the most popular women in the Bible. There are some things that we can assume about this woman based on the Biblical passage here in the Bible. She was a nice looking woman, she knew how to walk, she knew how to bat her eyes, she knew how to look coy, and she was probably flirtatious. When men wanted to get married they went to the well where women would draw for water. She is looking for nothing and expecting nothing.

The status of this woman, the Bible does not say but we can assume that we would not start a church through her. She was an un-virtuous woman, she was a home wrecker, she was conceited, and immoral. But Church, how terrible it would have been if Jesus have over looked her? How terrible it would have been if Jesus looked around her. Thanks be to God that Jesus didn¡¦t look at her, but he looked in her. He looked past her physical appearance and saw her needs. He looked past her physical appearance and saw her heart. Church we are we going to stop looking at people and start looking at their needs.

Jesus said, Give to me a drink. Jesus did not really want a drink. The fact he was sitting on a well, was just a well sitting on a well, he really didn’t want any water. When Jesus first came on the scene he fasted for forty days and forty nights, he really didn’t want any water. Back in creation he held the waters in the hem of his garment and scooped up the ocean with the palm of his hands, he really didn’t want any water. Then at the marriage feast he turned water (H2O) into wine, he really didn’t want any water. This was just a conversation piece, a way of getting her to talk to him.

The women asked, "How is it that you a Jew asks me a Samaritan for a drink of water?" Then Jesus replied and said, "If thou knewest the gift of God and who it is that saith thee give me to drink, thou would have asked of him and he would have given thee living water. " If only she knew. If only we knew when we are asked to give to the poor, we are giving to Jesus.

Jesus said, "Whosoever drinks of this well water will thirst again, but if you drink of my water you will never thirst again." The things of this world will never satisfy the things of the heart. The Ecclesiastes writer said, ¡Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities all is vanity. The women being excited about this water that will cause her to never thirst again asked for some of this water.

Now, where Jesus took this conversation, no one could have seen it coming. Jesus jumped from water to go find your husband. See Jesus had to bring out her sins. Your sins might be different, go call thy¡K

She got smart and tried to trick Jesus. I have no husband!!! Jesus said your right, you have had five husbands and the one you got now ain¡¦t yours. Then she said, "Sir I perceive that thou art a prophet sent from God."

As I heard another preacher say, John left something out. You have to look in between the lines. When she was 13, 18, 23, 28, 33. Some of us just got together and God did not put us together.

Jesus showed her who she was. She had to admit who she was. That is the first step to salvation. Romans-10:9-10. Recap on who she was. Jesus struck a nerve.

She went on to say Jews believe in worshiping on mount Zion. Jesus said you¡¦re wrong. "You have to worship God in spirit and truth. She was waiting for the Messiah.

When the Messiah comes the crooked will be made strait, mountains, valleys, he will bring the Holy Spirit. She asked are you the Messiah? Jesus said, "Yes I am."

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