Summary: When a running horse gets to the edge of a cliff, it’s way too late to say "Whoa." Sin is that way too. One flirting moment will cost a life time of heartache. Let’s examine the subject together!

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One of our young teenagers told me as I was getting ready to enter the pulpit one week. "Pastor, I had a dream about Heaven and you were in it!" And of course I was curious and ask her to share it with me.

She said, "I dreamed I was in Heaven and I saw this huge chalk board. God said in order to let me in I had to climb this tall ladder and write all the sins I ever comitted starting at the top. As I got about half way up, you were coming down the ladder and I asked you what were YOU doing here and you said going down for more chalk!"

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to ask!

Since we are on the subject of sin, to be honest it isn’t a funny matter. Though we make little of it, God makes a lot of it. Some say, there are little sins and big sins. God says "Sin is sin..." Before we truly deal with our sin(s) one thing needs to be addressed.

As a Christin we may not be sinless but we sure should sin-less! Sin as we know originated not with Adam it originated with Satan. Isaiah 14: 12 tells the whole story of Satan’s fall from Heaven.

Let’s take a look at the three types of sins the scriptures talk about!

Main Division

I. The Sin Of Commission (Romans 3:23)

II. The Sin Of Omission (I Timothy 1:13)

III. The Sin Of Disposition (Matthew 5:21-22, 27-28)

Conclusion: Got Sin?

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