Summary: Come To Jesus

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1. There is Help in His Person - Come

a. Children are summoned to their mother.

1. When they are injured, hurt, distressed, or upset

2. To receive her soothing comfort

b. Christians are summoned to their Savior

1. When burdened and heavy-ladened

2. To receive his soothing comfort

2. There Is Strength in His Presence - Take

a. Recall Jesus on the way to the Cross

1. His burden was more than he could bear

2. Simon carried the Cross - Mat. 27:32

b. Sometimes our burdens are too heavy

1. Jesus invites us to enter his yoke

2. Jesus invites us to let him help

3. There is Hope in His Knowledge - Learn

a. What do we need to learn about Jesus?

1. That he is meek and lowly in heart

2. That he did not come to condemn

3. That he came that the world might be saved.

b. What do we need to do about Jesus?

1. Accept hi as our personal Savior

2. Discover that our hope is in him

4. There is Rest in his Invitation - Find

a. The word rest appears twice in the text

1. Jesus said "I will give you rest"

2. Jesus said "Ye shall find rest"

b. This promises have one condition "Come".

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