Summary: When God shakes the earth, people must listen! We need to offer relief to the shaken!


The recent earthquake in Haiti jolts us with a thunderous reminder of one theological fact - our God is sovereign. No one on this planet is genius enough to understand, in its minutest details, everything in this life. But we must accept, although grudgingly as others would, even those that we cannot understand. Science and logic might struggle to explain, and better not attempt to explain, the reason behind the massive loss of lives – parents, kids, brothers and sisters, friends. Almost every single human being is in deep sorrow.

Over five years, ago we look back to the devastation of an earthquake and tsunami across the Indian Ocean – Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka all the way to India and Africa and other small island countries suffered a great loss. Lives and livelihoods, hopes and homes were crushed to ruins, wiped out of the face of the earth, if I were to exaggerate. Scientists can intelligently explain the movements of tectonic plates and the fiery threats of active volcanoes in the "ring of fire", both on the ground and underwater, but how and why do tectonic plates move and volcanoes erupt are yet questions that we need clearer answers to.

The author of the book of Hebrews warns us, "Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens." Heb. 12 : 26. I don’t want to appear dogmatic but the passage used the word "seio" in Greek, which means to rock, agitate or throw into a tremor. It also used the Greek word "ge", which means a part of the whole world or, literally, a country. But the verse prior to verse 26 explains the reason behind the shaking of not only the earth but the heavens.

Heb 12:25 See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?

I believe that God’s primary aim is for people’s callous hearts to be shaken. The earthquake that recently rocked Haiti to a stunning disaster should not only jolt the Haitians but all the people of the world as well.


1. Our Haitian brothers Need Hope!

2. Our Haitian brothers Need Homes!

3. Our Haitian brothers Need Help!

The shaking of Haiti is a call to the world to extend a hand to our Haitian brothers and sisters at this time of intense grief and devastation.

1. Our Haitian brothers Need Hope!

Hope fuels life and promises another sunrise. It is faith in God that brings genuine hope, not only in this temporal life but also in the life to come. Hope enables the suffering to hear harmonious hums of visions from the deafening dirge and screams of pain. Hope can paint a panorama of high-rise buildings from a heap of boulders and broken concrete slabs. Hope can lay-out a plan to rebuild busted shopping alleys and turn them again into bustling thoroughfares. Hope can draw a vista of homes and residential buildings from a heap of ruins.


As Alexander the Great was setting out on his conquest of Asia, he inquired into the finances of his followers. To ensure that they would not be troubled over the welfare of their dependents during their absence, he distributed crown estates and revenues among them. When he had thus disposed of nearly all the royal resources, his friend General Perdiccas asked Alexander what he had reserved for himself. "Hope," answered the king. "In that case," said Perdiccas, "we who share in your labors will also take part in your hopes." He then refused the estate allotted to him, and several others of the king’s friends did the same. (Sermoncentral).

This is a call to the Christian churches and communities, first, to those living within the vicinity of Haiti and also across the globe. Let us bring hope to our Haitian brothers. Life is not over. This can be another start. Hope in God alone.

2. Our Haitian brothers Need Homes!

An old song says, "A house is not a home". I agree. In Haiti, we see houses crumbled into ruins after the earthquake. Houses are much easier to build. It only takes a budget and not too long a period to rebuild them. But a home, once broken, takes a lot more effort and time to rebuild. Homes are not made up of concrete, timbers or steel. No they’re not. They are made up of people binding together as one family, whether or not they are biologically related to each other.

The earthquake in Haiti has broken thousands of homes. Children are orphaned, parents grieve the death of their children, and the youth grieve the loss of their siblings. There is mourning and weeping in almost every home. They need people by their side in this their time of sorrow and grief.

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