Summary: This sermon will reflect on our reason for coming to church.

Today’s sermon will be one unlike any other sermon you have heard or read here at St. Matthew’s. You will find me coming from Matthew 21:12-13 on this day. I would like for you to ask yourself this question: Why do I come to church? This very question is very important and should be answered with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

If we are asked why do we go to work, our answer would be to pay bills. If we do not go to work we will not have a job. When we do not have a job then we cannot pay our bills. And we all know if we do not pay our bills our things will be taken away. So we can all agree that we go to work so that we can buy the things we want, and have a place to rest our head at night.

Now if we ask our children why do they go to school, I am sure we already know their reply. The reply would go something like this: because my mother and father make me go to school. If your child does not go to school then you as the parent would go to jail for not making your children to school.

Now in the world today we are forced to pay our bills, and forced to obey the laws of our states. God gives us free will to obey him. The thing is that when we do not obey God we will pay a greater price then any police force could charge us with. Let us not forget that God is in total control of our lives. God said when we would be born, and God will declare the day that we will past away.

The one thing that God does not play with is bringing the worldly things into the house of the Lord. Everything that the world wants you and I to do, usually cost money in one way or other. The things that we do to gain money in the world is of the world, and should not be brought into the house of God. We notice God’s reaction in this passage, when people bring the things of the world inside the house of God.

We should be coming into the house of God to, Praise him for the things that he has done. We should be coming into the house of the Lord to Pray for forgiveness,and to pray for strength. And finally we should be coming into the house of God to Proclaim the victory of our trials and tribulations in Jesusus’ name. So as I come to a close on this day, I will ask you this again: Why do you come to church?

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