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Summary: Life have you puzzled? Join us to find out how all your pieces fit.


SLIDE- Puzzle pieces


I want to begin this morning by introducing you to an imaginary church family that I am going to call the Kenny’s.

When we first meet Kenny’s they are attending services at First Church but they leave First Church because the services were way too formal, every one on the platform wore a tie.

The Kenny’s then wandered over to Grace Church because they heard they had a great choir.

But before long, we hear that they are “happier” at the Christian Worship Center.

Not long after that they move their membership to the Community Church because of the great bible teaching.

Next the youth program at New Hope Church catches their eye.

Now at least for the moment...they are at the church down town, at least until something else catching their eye.

How many of us here that have been around the church for awhile have meet the Kenny’s?

Don’t get me wrong...the Kenny’s are a family with great potential but unfortunately their never in one place long enough to make a commitment to serving God.

The Kenny’s represent the average American family...unfamiliar to the benefits that are available to those who turn their lives over to Christ.

Living by the worlds standards...they are doing their very best to make the best out of life.

When you really think about for all of us is kind of like a puzzle...and like the Kenny family...daily we too are juggling the pieces of life... around trying to make them fit into God’s puzzle.

Slide Place God puzzle piece...Were all here today because we understand that God belongs in the center of the puzzle.

There is something about knowing God that brings life to us all...

And just by knowing Him...there is immediate a sense of order that naturally begins to take shape.

For all of you here today...I want to assure you that God creates order in all that know Him...

The problem with life is daily we find ourselves struggling trying to find out how our pieces fit into the puzzle.

Place Church Piece

Just as important as placing God into the center of Life’s is just as important to place the church next to God.

Being committed to the church is a very important piece to fulfilling life’s puzzle.

For the average church goer... to make the commitment to serve God while still juggling life’s pieces is a very difficult task.

This is why there a so few people willing to make the decision...Most people want to serve God but they don’t want to agree to the commitment it takes in serving Him...

Matthew 16:24 Jesus tells His disciples that... “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.”

Serving Christ does take is a sacrifice...Jesus desires your whole heart...and when you’re not giving you’re all...He knowns.

He knows the importance of the church as well as the importance of attending...

Place Connect Hour Piece

Do you realize this morning that the average Sunday school (connect hour) in America has less than 66 people in attendance.

This is the time that families both young and old learn the key necessities of surviving this thing we all call life.

I have seen time and time again the importance in families faithfully attending connect hour.

It’s during this hour that people learn practical information from studying God word as a group that will not only help to build a strong marriage...but for the individual...the importance behind having a personal relationship with God as well.

(Talk about Calvary’s homebuilder’s class)

Along with being connected to God thru a connect hour...the next important puzzle piece is....

Place Worship Hour Piece

When David’s first attempt to move the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem failed...He learned a very important lesson.

He learned that when God gives specific is wise to follow them precisely.

So when the Ark was finally moved to Jerusalem...David had his musicians design a great musical procession.

This was done to go along side the great occasion that was preparing to happen.

David knew that great worship would not only build excitement...but it would also prepare peoples hearts and minds helping them to focus on the upcoming event.

This is why the worship service here at VP is so important.

It prepares your hearts so you can get the most from God’s message that has been prepared specifically for you.

Clear back to David’s day...the musicians knew the importance behind designing and preparing for the perfect worship service.

When people begin to correctly place there life’s puzzle pieces in order...the end result begins to become clearer.

God never intended for every puzzle piece to fit...Place Satan’s Pieces

God knew that the church...the connect and the worship hour pieces would be important...but he also knew that because of sin...their would also be a need for...

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