Summary: Making a committment to God.

Committed vs Contribution

We make contribution to Christianity-come now then story about bacon and eggs.

What about us today. Is our a commitment or just a contribution.

Noah was committed. His salvation depended on him building the ark,

just as God had said.

Gen 6:22 Heb 11:7

"By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet,

moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by which

he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith."

We, too, must be committed to keeping God's Plan for our salvation.

II Peter 3:9 Repent

Rom 10:10 Confess

I Peter 3:21 Baptized

Rev 2:10 live faithful

Heb 10:25 attend

Rom 6:1-2 resist sin

Matt 25 help needy

I John 1:7

If it is convient I'll keep them.

David was committed when he went up against Goliath.

He would not allow Goliath to speak against God nor God's people.

Matt 10:37-38

We need committed Christians today that will stand up for God-

might lose friends or even life

Matt 10:39

Make a stand if convient.

Hezekiah was committed - would not leave or forsake Jerusalem.

II Kings 18

Heb 10:25

We need Christians who are committed to the church.

If it is convient I'll come to church Sunday morning.

Less convient Sunday night and Wednesday night.

Don't let church services interfer with other things of my

life-work-play-family-hunting trip-vacation, etc.

Maggie Georgia-drives over 100 miles to be at church.

I come sometimes on Sunday morning-made a contribution.

Some on Sunday night and Wednesday.

Come all the time when able(physically)-committment.

Remember hog & chicken

Boy-two fishes & five loaves

Sister Mathews

Brother Stuart (Oak Grove)

Mark 12:41-44

She made a commitment.

She didn't give just what was convient.

Do we give as God has prospered us or do we give what is convient?

II Corr 9:6-11


Matt 25

Visit sick...if convient - Texas man

Help needy if convient - Save up money to send to a church work.

Stephen made a commitment and stood for Christ,

though they stoned him.

Paul had made a commitment- they sought to kill him,

they beat him - they put him in prison-yet he stood for Christ.

He would never miss an assembly or an opportunity to study or

teach God's word.

We need people today who make commitment instead of

those who live by situation morality.

That is they do what is convient in the given situation.

If situation was right would kill fellow man.

1) Made a commitment to marriage.

2) Make a commitment to their children.

3) Make a commitment to do right.

4) Make a commitment to the church.

5) Make a commitment to Christ!!

Jesus made a commitment to us.

"I'll never leave you nor forsake you."

What makes the difference in making a contribution and

making a commitment?

Is convienced or converted.

Believed is good or right will contribute to it.

But when converted will be committed to it.

Peter was convinced Jesus was the Christ.

He followed and stood bold when others were with him.

But when stood alone denied him 3 times.

Jesus told him when thou are converted strengthen thy brethern.

When Christ looked at him he was converted.

We see a different Peter.

He said we ought to obey God rather than men.

Christ made a commitment-he gave his life for us.

It is easy to make a contribution.

We support in which way or time is convient.

But to be committed or make a commitment will last

one way or another.

Acts 3:19 "Repent therefore and be converted."

Rev 3:15-19 Make an adult commitment.

Isiah 55:3

John 8:24

John 3:17

Heb 5:9

No choice

Rom 1:16

Luke 13:3

Matt 10:32

Mark 16:16

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Emitt Brown

commented on Sep 28, 2006

This Sermon was helpful to me, because it stresses that we need to do more than make a contribution to Jesus, we need to make a committment.

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