Summary: I have begun to realize that many in the Church today think they are Committed when in actuality they are only Involved. There is a big difference between the two.



We began a Bible Study series a few weeks ago on the subject Committed or Involved. I have begun to realize that many in the Church today think they are Committed when in actuality they are only Involved. There is a big difference between the two. I am a big breakfast person. I can eat breakfast morning, afternoon, or late evening. I like a traditional breakfast, nothing fancy – EGGS – HAM - BACON – POTATOES – PANCAKES.

• When you consider the Eggs and the Ham there is a big difference on how each made it to the plate

• The Chicken simply laid the Eggs

• Weather – Scrambled - Over Easy – Sunny Side Up - Omelets – It was only Involved

• End of the day goes back to the Chicken Coup

• The Pig however – makes no difference if – Ham – Bacon - Sausage - had to give its life

• It was more than merely Involved the Pig was Fully Committed

• Pig was more than Involved it had to give its life to make it to my plate

• You talk about being Committed

• I want to talk to us for a few minutes about Committed or Involved


• We must choose when to go to bed and when to get up

• We must choose what to eat and what not to eat

• We must choose what to wear and what not to wear

• We choose what to do with our time

• We choose where we'll go to work and where we'll go out to eat

• Life is filled with choices

• Some choices are easy to make

• Other choices are more difficult to make

WE ARE WHO WE ARE TODAY BECAUSE OF THE CHOICES WE MADE YESTERDAY. The choices we make today have an impact on the decisions we will be making tomorrow. They establish a Pattern and a Foundation for our life. But some may say, "But Pastor, I haven't always made the right choices!" You and I may never be able to undo the choices we made yesterday, But, I have good news for you. He, who holds our tomorrow, is able to turn it around for us. Today I want to focus on the only right choice we can make.

In our text we find JOSHUA presenting what we call his FAREWELL ADDRESS. From the first mentioning of Joshua we are given the picture of an HONORABLE MAN - one you would want to follow. In his early years he is sent as a representative of Ephraim to spy out the land of Canaan. He and Caleb seem to be from a different stand than the other spies--- the exciting voice speaking with OPTIMISM about their ability to take the land—

• Let’s do it!

• We can take it!

• Like a bunch of Mountaineers looking at a fit pack of Wolverines saying, “We can take them!”

What was it that caused this nation to follow such a Leader? Was it Faith? Was it youthful military exuberance? Who can tell, but this was the type of leader Israel needed as they awaited the new campaign of CROSSING THE RIVER! Can we take a quick snapshot or brief reviewof his life? Joshua is now quite old; and he has seen a lot in his lifetime.

• His early, formative years were spent in service to the great liberator, Moses

• His later years were spent leading God’s people into battle in the promised land

• He has seen the plagues in Egypt

• He has seen the parting of the Red Sea

• He has endured the trip through the desert to the edge of the promised land and then the trip back into the desert for 40 years of wilderness wanderings

• He saw God part the Jordan river

• He saw God crumble the walls of Jericho, and send the enemies into a panic

• He also saw the punishment of Achan after his sin

• He then saw the restoration of the blessing and presence of God

• And now he is quite old

• He has led a full life

• He has been strong and courageous as God commanded

• He has the scars from a hundred battles

• He has known the power and presence of God in his life and in his leadership

• And now he recognizes his death is near

• And Joshua’s last days is where we find ourselves today in this 24th Chapter

I imagine the Israelites began to wonder what is it that they would be able to say about those days? What would be recorded in the pages of History? They understood after all those years, their campaign was now coming to a close and a leader is leaving his parting words on his people.

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