Summary: A short Question and Answer write up for the Skeptical mind on Jesus

The world's most famous individual that ever-lived.Yeshua Ha-Mashiach aka Jesus the Christ. Having lived on our earth more than 2000 years ago, People questioned His existence, teachings, death and resurrection. Everybody have something to say about Him. Religious or Non-religious. Whether you believe the bible or not, Yeshua /Jesus is One person you can't ignore or avoid. The Skeptic has lots of questions and concepts of Him and here are some of the questions I have personally came across in my 28 years.This list, I pray it will be beneficial and will bring you closer to the Truth, the Saviour of Mankind.

In Matthew 16:15, Jesus asked His Disciples "Who do you say I Am?"

It is the most important question in Life. The Answer dictates where we would spend our After-life. And so it is important that we have the right Answer to the question "who do you say Jesus is?".

1. Y'shua/ Jesus did not say He is God, it was not stated in the bible that He is God.

Ans: The reason Y'shua/ Jesus was even crucified in the 1st place was because He claim equality with God of Israel. "Before Abraham was born, I AM." The Jewish Rabbis at the time knew what exactly Y'shua/ Jesus was saying. It was blasphemy to them. And that was

the reason they crucified Him.

2. The Bible was written by Men and is fabricated.

Ans: The Men who wrote it, the Apostles who were the disciples of Y'shua, exposed their shame, corrupted deeds. Bible showed Peter denied Y'shua/ Jesus, Paul was a murderer of the Believer of Y'shua etc. The writers shamed themselves and glorified Y'shua. Who in a clear mind will fabricate something of themselves like that. And Importantly, Most of the Writers were executed BECAUSE of their believe in Y'shua/ Jesus. Who would fabricate a story and carry it to the grave as truth?

3. Y'shua/ Jesus is a myth, did not exist.

Ans: Same thing, Most of the Writers were executed BECAUSE of their believe in Y'shua/ Jesus. Who would fabricate a story and carry it to the grave as truth? For those who start saying, the writers (Disciples) did not exist. Well how did Christianity spread in the 1st place? Who would really care to glorify one man, even give his life for that Man if He did not exist?

4. I believe in Y'shua/ Jesus, He's one of the gods.

Ans: This is simple. Either exclude Him from all the deities and believe Him not to be a god or ONLY believe in Him as the Only God. Because He said He is God and the Only One. "I am the Way the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

5. The Christians say that God never change, than why in the Old Testament God seem fierce. He punishes, judges. He asked to destroy, there's death. New Testament, He forgives?

Ans: You see, after the sin of Adam, Humankind has been corrupted with Sin, We are Criminals . God is a Just God, hates Sin and He is a Judge. As a Just God, He judges. Like how a Judge treats a Criminal, He treated Mankind with The Law. He loves Mankind but He has to be Fair. When Yeshua/ Jesus came. He came to take ALL that punishment, ALL that Judgement of God. God never change, He himself become the focus point of ALL that Judgement which only He can.

6. Well if God is Good than why is there a Hell?

Ans: Yeshua/ Jesus took ALL that Punishment and Judgement of God upon Himself. He became The Sacrifice for the Sin and corrupt nature of all mankind. What exactly is happening is, He became the convict instead of us. Those who approve and subscribe to the Sacrifice becomes free man while those have not subscribe to the Sacrifice are out on bail when alive. Bail time is till when we are alive. Once dead, we have to pay for our own sins in Hell as We did not subscribe to the One convicted for our sins, Yeshua/ Jesus. It's the Justice of God.

7. Yeshua/ Jesus was not the only one died and resurrected. There are other deities in stories that died and resurrected.

Ans: Yes, As a lover of mythology I know there are other characters that died and resurrected. Egyptian Osiris for e.g.But First and foremost, Yeshua is a Historical character. He existed during the great Roman age. Secondly, Unlike other characters, Yeshua died and resurrected with a purpose : For the Sins of Mankind. The other characters died for their own benefits, never for Mankind. Never for You and Me. The was never a purpose. Unlike Yeshua/ Jesus'.

8. If Christianity is true, How come the Christians are doing sins and Not Holy.

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