Summary: How to stand against the devil

INTRO: So many changes in our culture, our society even within our own lives. I remember when I was in Jr. High, how I thought I knew most things, when reached H.S. I knew almost everything. Especially when it came to knowing more than my parents on issues dealing with my life. Today I realize what little I do know. (not insecure) I’ve come to realize the more we learn and understand the note we realize how little we know.

ex. Being in a hole (learning everything) cavern (learn everything) world (learn everything), universe (etc.)

- That’s why it’s important young people to listen to advice of parents because they have been there. Likewise, we need to listen to our Father because He know hest for our lives.

Conclude our series "Dress for success"

TEXT: Ephesians Chapter 6

I. Review - 4 steps to success

* v10 Depend on His power

* v11 Take our stand 3x to stand

* v14-17 Dress in His armor

1)Belt of Truth - Word of God

2)Breastplate of Righteousness - JC righteousness

3)Gospel Shoes of Peace - We’re peacemakers, not trouble makers

4)Shield of Faith - faith God will act on promises, word

5)Helmet of Salvation - knowing that we are truly saved

6)Sword of Spirit - scriptures and promises God quickens to our mind

*This sermon is 4th step to success

Satan does not get scared when we are getting dressed, it is when we go into battle (on our knees). "The devil trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees".

- Reason why so many christians are defeated is because they don’t know where the battle is.

II. 4 tips to strengthen your communication with God

A. Pray in the spirit - Eph. 6:18 (read)

1. Phrase in the Spirit - means communion with the Spirit or in the power of the Spirit. Let the Spirit be the atmosphere in which you pray.

- Prayer is not getting man’s will in heaven, but God’s will on earth.

2. Speaking in other tongues - a manifestation of the mind of the Spirit of God employing human speech organs.

B. Basic reasons

1.Aide preaching the Gospel - Acts 2; HS came began speaking in other tongues, each one heard words of his own language. Then Peter began sharing the Gospel.

2Exhorts the body - I Cor. 14; interpretation edifies the body.

3Builds us up when we are weak - Romans 8:26 "In the same way, the Spirit helps us to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express."

C.Pray in Spirit - can be a type of listening prayer.

- Prayers God answers on earth are prayers that begin in heaven.

1. Bible speaks of our relationship with Him as friends.

a.Important characteristic of friend - someone who listens

ex. friend all they do is talk, talk, talk, talk. These type of friends are never very close friends because all they do is talk about themselves, (If we’re not careful, that’s how we are with God, always talking and never listening)

b.Bible speaks of relationship with God Master, servant relationship - Servant listento instructions, anyway a good servant listens to his master. (imagine an employee telling his boss what to do. He wouldn’t be around very long)

*But do we not do this with God?

c. Bible speaks relationship with God as husband and wife relationship.

- We are the bride of Christ, ladies supposed to listen to husbands (all the men say "Amen")

ex...Brother & sister planning dad’s funeral. Brother asks sister what were dad’s last words. Sister replied, there were none. Brother asks why not. Because mom was with him to the very end.

- Healthy relationship listens to one another.

d. Bible speaks our relationship with God the Father - child

-We need to listen because Father knows best

*Attitude speak Lord (He gave I mouth and 2 ears possible to show us we need to listen twice as much as we speak)

- Holy Spirit gives us a direction to pray. Word, verse, thought ex...Confusion Missionary over settlement inheritance

Charles Sprugon - prayer is an art only the Holy Spirit can teach us.

2. Lingering prayer - v18 (read)

a. All occasions - go around in Spirit of prayer (not meaning going around with your head down and your eyes closed all the time)

I Thess. 5:17 "Pray continually" meaning your conscious of His presence, basking in the sunshine (nice it is to feel warmth of sun, same with God’s presence).

- Communicating with God but sadly we don’t spend enough time in prayer.

ex. "I didn’t have time" - Opportunities:

1.Sunday 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

2.Tuesday 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

3.Wednesday 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.

4.Thursday 6:00 - 6:45 a.m. - Men’s breakfast

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