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Summary: A new look at the Communion Table

Communion and the 23rd Psalm


1.There are some things that are very important and you usually spend more time studying and delving into the history of the subject.

2.There is no more important subject in the Bible than the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the wonderful things that come from it.

3.In several of the Psalms we have prophetic insight in to the crucifixion and the victory that resulted from it.

4.Psalm 22 and Psalm 23 fit that description perfectly. I did not realize it until this study. Look with me this morning.

5.When you look at Psalm 22 you see the crucifixion better than you see it in the gospels. The opening verse begins with these ominous words from Matt. 27:46, “My God my God why hast thou forsaken me.” It seems you are watching the film “The Crucifixion of the Christ.” Every scene is vividly displayed in words. Also, we are allowed to see beyond the words into the emotions and the feelings of Jesus during the crucifixion.

6.Follow with me through the 31 verses of Psalm 22:

* Vs. 1 – “I am forsaken by God

·Vs.1 – “I am far from being helped by God”

·Vs.1 – “I am far from being heard

·Vs. 6 - “I am a worm”

·Vs. 6 – “I am no man”

·Vs. 6 – “I am a reproach of men”

·Vs. 6 - “I am despised of the people”

·Vs. 7 – “I am scorned by men”

·Vs. 7-8 – ‘I am mocked by men”

·Vs. 9 – “God is My protector from birth.”

·Vs. 9 – “God is my hope form birth”

·Vs. 9 – “God is my dependence from birth”

·Vs. 10 – “Jehovah is my God from birth”

·Vs. 11 – “God has always been near me”

·Vs. 11 – “I have had to face troubles”

·Vs. 11 – “God has been My only hope”

·Vs. 12 – “Brutal men have compassed Me”

·Vs. 13 – “Men were determined to destroy Me”

·Vs. 14 – “My life blood is poured out like water”

·Vs. 14 – “All my bones are out of joint”

·Vs. 14 – “My heart is melted like wax in the midst of my bowels”

·Vs. 15 – “My strength is gone”

·Vs. 15 – “My tongue is so dry that it cleaves to my jaws”

·Vs. 15 – “I am slain as a sacrifice”

·Vs. 16 – “Gentiles have encompassed Me”

·Vs. 16 – “The wicked enclosed Me”

·Vs. 16 – “My hands and My feet are pierced”

·Vs. 17 – “My bones out of joint cause men to stare at me”

·Vs. 18 – “My garments are coveted”

·Vs. 18 – “Men gamble for my vesture”

7.As you can see this chapter is a vivid picture in

Words of the crucifixion along with description of

Jesus relationship with God during that time.

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When we come to Psalm 23 we see the results of the

Crucifixion in the lives of the believer. Just as in Ps.22 we hear prophecy telling us exactly how Jesus was to be mistreated and crucified, so in Ps. 23 we see exactly how the believer is going to reap benefit from the great price that was paid on Calvary.

I. The first 4 verses of the 23rd Psalm spell it out what mercies we will receive from the Messiah. Then in verse 5 we are told how they will come. They will come from a table prepared for us in the presence of our enemies. The truth is things do not always go well for believers. But we have recourse at the table set before us.

A.Who set it before us? Jesus did. It is spelled out for us in 1 Cor. 11:23-30. Jesus instituted this ordinance the night He was betrayed and just before

the crucifixion. He wanted to be sure that we would

be able to have this kind of victory, deliverance and

celebration as we came together to observe and

remember what he did for us. We have really never

realized how much is available to us through the

communion elements.

B.When we look at the 23rd Psalm we see in the first 4 verses the mercies of Messiah that come to us through the Table Prepared.

1.The word “prepared” means set in order.

2.Here they are for us in verses 1,2, 3 & 4.

·There is no lack because of the table.

·There are green pasture where my family is taken care of because of the table prepared for me.

·I am lead beside still waters of the properly delivered Word of God.

·He restores my soul when I am tricked by the enemy or during the heat of the battle I backslide. “He restoreth my soul.” How we need this restoration. This is when I come to the table and partake of the fruit of the vine or the blood of Jesus prepared for me in the presence of my enemy. He knew it would happen and He has prepared restoration for me!

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Mark Chafe

commented on Oct 4, 2007

Thanks for the fresh insight into the 23rd Psalm. Many blessings Mark

Halidu Abraham

commented on Dec 7, 2013

i was preparing yjis am for communion service in church when i found this article, am richly blessed by it and will certainly share it with the church. pastor Halidu Abraham

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