Summary: don’t just spend time with Jesus, spend time for Jesus in spreading His gospel

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Intro: article on teen cutting growing in our society at alarming rates. It is called self mutilation. One psychologist said, it is done because of an extreme hatred of life, and an extreme hatred of self. In the Word of God we find a cutter in Mark 5:1-20, and the Spiritual definition of his problem was he had a demon. This is a wonderful story of deliverance and witness. Today, we will preach:

Community: Go and Tell

Mark 5:1-20

In the story of the demoniac we have many good rules for soul winning. It is amazing that this man wanted to go do ministry with Jesus, but Jesus gave him a ministry to the lost of his town.

1. People are messed up–this man is a picture of many in our world today, they are messed up. He lived at the graveyard, he cried out continually, people didn’t know what to do with him so they chained him, but he broke the chains.

If you want to be an effective witness in this world you must see the reality that people are messed up. They are bound, addicted, depressed, burned out, and hopeless. That is why the message of the gospel is so powerful, it is given for those whose lives are controlled by the devil.

2. It takes the power of God to free people–Jesus was up against a Legion of demons. But when He spoke, they had to leave. Today, you have to speak to the powers of darkness with the power of the light. You must operate in the Spirit of God to overcome in Spiritual warfare.

3. There is a tendency to want to hang with Jesus instead of sharing the gospel-v.19 This man evidently wanted to become a traveling companion of Jesus. But Jesus saw a greater ministry for this man’s life than the man could see for himself. Jesus knew that even though this man thought he needed to be with Jesus, he really needed to take Jesus with him.

4. Go and make an impact in your world–go tell thy friends-v.19

Jesus knew that this man’s conversion was a significant event. He knew that people would listen to his life changing story. Today, it is the same, people want to hear life changing stories. That is why reality shows are so popular today. People like to witness true stories of someone who’s life has been significantly changed.

5. Everyone here has a great story to tell–v.19 go tell the great things that has happened for you. Sometimes I think we underestimate our testimony. People in this world don’t need more theology, they need more witness. Someone may say, no one wants to hear my story, you will never know until you tell it. You may be surprised about how much impact your life can make on others.

6. As this man began to share his story, people marveled-v.20.

I am sure he didn’t know that his testimony would touch so many lives. But as he made it known, people began to listen. You will never know until you open your mouth. You will never win a soul if you don’t try.

Close: people in this world are messed up. The devil has blinded them from the truth. Only the gospel, good news will be able to impact their lives. Go and tell the great things of Jesus Christ.

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