Summary: This sermon will help those to understand that your sin is not greater or smaller than your brother’s sin.


Preachers, like the congregation, are not immune to sin like most unbelievers would think. Anyone in the Christian faith should know that a Preacher can be overtaken in a fault or sin just like most, if not, all church members does in some point in their spiritual life. Most church members expects their pastors to be sinless. I got news for them, we fall on our face just like any believer.

I. Comparison of Faults (Simon Peter vs. Judas)

A. Judas was going to betray Jesus by selling him out.

1. We sell Jesus in our lives when we don’t do what he has commanded us to do as disciples.

2. Jesus commands us to...

a. witness to the lost and dying world

b. help the needy and unfortunate

c. love others and show it

d. love the Lord with everything you have

e. preach the gospel

f. be faithful to the House of the Lord

3. We sell Jesus out by our choices in circumstances.

a. Go to church or stay home because of family

b. going on visitation or the theaters

c. nursing home ministry or football game

B. Judas was sopping bread with the Lord

C. Simon asked Jesus who is going to betray him.

D. Simon Peter would kill the one who would betray because he had a sword.

E. Here, we could see Simon was ready to correct someone’s problem (Judas) without being revealed of his own sin toward his Lord and Savior.

F. Isn’t like that sometimes with us that we would use the Bible(sword) to correct the faults of others when we could us the same Bible(sword) to stab ourselves. Peter was going to use the his sword on the betrayer.

G. Later in the same chapter, Jesus foretold his sin(Peter’s) by denying him thrice before the cock crew.

Conclusion: God sees our sin on the same level as everyone else’s sin. Sin is sin in the eyes of the Lord. Only one way of forgiveness is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

II. Circumstances of Faults

A. Judas betrayed Jesus for the price of a slave in those days (thirty pieces of silver). John 18:1-5

B. Peter denied Christ with his lips. John 18:15-18, 25-27

Conclusion: As the nature of sin are on the same level, the transgression of sin are also on the same level. The most powerful, spiritual believer will commit sin just like a pew-warming half-faithful church member.

III. Conclusion of Faults

A. Judas killed himself (Matt. 27:3-10)

B. Peter wept bitterly (John 21:15-19)

1. He started to preach on the Day of Pentecost and 3,000 souls were saved.

Conclusion: God does not want you to break off fellowship with Him when you sin against him. He just wants you to ask forgiveness and keep on going for the Lord.

IV. Controlling our Faults

A. We can be like Judas and kill ourselves by killing our relationship with...

1. Jesus

2. Church Family

3. Ourselves


B. We can be like Peter and Repent, get up, and keep going.

1. Peter received that reassurance from Jesus in John 21:15-19

2. Peter received encouragement from the other disciples.

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