Summary: Through this message we will reveal God’s promise to comfort His children & God’s purpose for comforting His children.

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Text: 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Compassed With God’s Comfort

- When we are grieving we expect to experience

God’s Comfort

- When we are barely getting along we expect to

experience God’s Comfort

- While we are living we can expect to experience

God’s comfort

A. God Comforts His Children

(vv. 3-4a)

a. Good explanation of mercy

- Illustration # 614 Grace vs.

Justice and Mercy

b. God is the supplier of mercy

i. The Scripture tells us to...

ii. Search for God’s mercy

(Psalm 27:7)

iii. Seize God’s mercy

(Isaiah 55:7)

iv. Share God’s mercy

(Luke 6:36)

v. Illustration # 875 Our Misery

Calls forth God’s Mercy

c. God is the supplier of comfort

d. God sent His Spirit to be our


e. A glance at the ministry of our


i. The Holy Spirit strengthens


(Matthew 14:30-31)

ii. The Holy Spirit teaches us

(John 14:26)

iii. The Holy Spirit intercedes for

us (Romans 8:26-27)

B. God Challenges His Children (v. 4)

a. God has compassion for His


b. God compasses us with His


c. God commands us to comfort

others (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

d. God challenges us to comfort

others (v. 4)

- God comforts me so I can

console my fellowman

C. Great Conclusions From Christian


a. "The more we suffer the more

God comforts us, the more God

comforts us, the more we can

comfort others."

Sermon Outline Bible

b. "God prepares us for what He

is preparing for us. Another

words, we cannot lead others

where we have not been


Warren Weirsebe’s

New Testament Commentary

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