Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon discusses the ability of Jesus to save completely, and that we don’t have to live life with out the full power of God.

Complete Salvation

Hebrews 7:24 - 25, Hebrews 10:10, Romans 12:2

July 26, 2004

I. I was talking before I left on vacation about the freedom that we have in salvation, from the power of sin and the guilt of sin, and there is a question that goes along with that idea that we all wonder about but seldom get brave enough ask out loud.

A. Different people would word the question in different ways.

B. Some are the inquirers who want to know what becoming a Christian means.

C. Some are uncertain Christians who want to be sure of their faith.

D. And some are growing Christians who want to find the full joy and peace that Jesus promised.

E. But the question that we all wonder about is really "Why be a Christian"?

1. The first group really want to know what difference being a Christian makes. Their question is, does it work?

2. The second group wonder if it is worth it to keep going against the flow of the world around them. Their question is, is it worth it?

3. The third group wonder if the power Jesus said is available is really real. Their question is where is the power?

4. In a way we are all asking the same question, Why be a Christian?

F. There is a powerful answer to that question in Hebrews 7:24-25.

Heb 7:24 - 25 NIV) but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

1. Jesus is able to save completely because He has all power. His salvation is complete.

II. But, there is a word in those verses that has been over used and under explained.

A. It’s a word that leaves many people wondering and some people frustrated.

B. And, most people have been asked in some way are you saved?

1. A lot of the time that question is asked with an attitude of superiority instead of concern.

2. I read a story about a church member who had brought their parents to church with them. While they were waiting for the service to start an usher who was looking for seats for someone noticed that there were two empty seats on their row.

3. He asked "Are those two saved", talking about the seats.

4. The church members thought he was asking about the parents and said, "THEY SURE ARE"!

5. When they realized what had happened they all had a good laugh.

6. Being saved doesn’t give us reason for haughtiness, but it should give us reason for humility, because we have been given what we could never acquire on our own.

C. What does it mean to be saved?

1. You might be turned off by the word "saved" because you have heard it used carelessly and with no explanation of its meaning too many times.

2. Or maybe you have used it yourself without comprehending the joy that should go with it.

3. Or you might say "sure I’m saved but from what, for what, and what difference does it make in the struggle I have with day to day life?"

D. A new Christian once said " the thing I like about Jesus’ salvation is its so down to Earth, its for me, its for now, and its forever!"

1. That’s a good description, our salvation, is practical, its working in our lives now and its forever!

2. If for you being a Christian only means that one day you will go to heaven you are missing so much of what salvation is.

E. The assurance that we are going to heaven should make our lives in the here and now so much more alive.

1. Jesus is able to save completely!

2. Maybe what we need more than anything is for the word "saved" to come alive with its true meaning!

3. What does it mean when we say we’re saved?

III. Sometimes we don’t think of it that way but the word "save" in the bible is a power word.

A. The word save, is the most powerful verb in the bible.

1. It means deliverance, to keep safe and sound from destruction and danger.

2. It means healing and wholeness.

3. It means to rescue and deliver from the penalty of sin.

4. It means new life now and eternal life forever.

5. It means that the power and love of God came together in the greatest sacrifice and the most awesome display of force the world will ever see.

6. It means that when we choose to put our trust in Jesus we are forever the objects of the love of the creator and authority of the universe!

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