Summary: Hey, GOOD NEWS, You’re in the will.

Talking about How much has Jesus done for us

With all our trials and tribulations of late---tend to focus on stuff

Church is still about ONE THING JESUS

The name above every name

I believe someone who walked in lost- leaving saved today

God wants us 2 be ready for the FUTURE- prepare for the blessing

John 19:25-30

Jesus did so much during his ministry

Blind, deaf, dumb, lepers, cripples, dead all were changed

But Jesus ministry was to come set us free

Jesus ministry was to set us free from the LAW

Forget “Thou shall not this and that”,

Jesus said I new commandment I give

“Love one another”

We don’t have to live up to tablets of stone

We have been made sons and daughters of God

We were put in his Will, “Last will and Testament”

In order for us to get everything our father willed to us

He had to DIE

All his power was willed to us when he died

Over the law, over demons, over troubles, over darkness, over temptation, over life, over death, over hell, over Satan, over sickness, over and over again,

We now have everything Jesus had WHY? It is finished

It wasn’t complete but it was finished not the same thing

The first thing that should come to your mind- when you think of Jesus- IT IS FINISHED

“Let not your be troubled” John 14:1-4

“mansions” only in KJV-NKJV-NAS

word actually means “home” “dwelling place”

I don’t think we’ll have a mansion

I don’t think we’ll care

It’s like Jesus is up there building mansion

Bible say “precious in the sight of the Lord, death of His saints”

But it’s like everytime one dies, Jesus has to start building a mansion

Took 6 days to create everything- it’s taken 2,000 yrs.

to build all those mansions

Church I grew up in we sang, “I want a mansion, just over the hilltop”

Next song would be, “Lord build me a cabin in the corner of gloryland”

He’s saying to his Disciples

Don’t worry about what you’re going to see

You cannot live with God, in the temple or in Heaven

You will live in my house forever, but I have to make a way

John 14:25-29 THE HOLY SPIRIT

Jesus still talking about going away for the 3 days

John 20:1-19

Someday I’m gonna walk through doors

Because I can

That morning he says not to touch Him

That evening he showed them his hands and his feet

Matthew he tell Thomas to come touch his hand and side

Said when he would come back, he’s bringing JN. 14 Holy spirit

And at that moment it was complete

He had to Go to God and make a way

Why Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life, no one can come to Father…..

He had to make a way- But he didn’t make a way- The way

Why did he make the way-----He knew we couldn’t

Now we don’t have to be bogged down with religion

Barmitsfahs, cristnings, church membership, Denomination, ridicule

Look you have a God who loves you

He love you as much today as he did yesterday

Tomorrow he’ll love the same as he did today

Why? Because his SON made the way

He doesn’t want perfection out of you

He wants praise, worship, heart, love, joy, …..YOUR TITHE (just kidding)

God just wants you to love on him

If you havn’t met Jesus- meet him today

Not some mean Jesus who has a big book and bigger hammer

Not some mean Jesus who tell you your not good enough

A loving Jesus that says, I have made the way….all you have to do is believe

Believe what? That there is no other way-----God is not impressed with how good you act

Can you act better than Jesus?- That’s why he’s the way & we’re not

God’s work is finished and completed

Church he has done everything for us

As his kids, we are entitled to everything in the will

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