Summary: God will receive praise one way or the other

Psalms 148

The Components of Praise

I. Praise the Lord in the Glories (1-6)

A. Cosmology Should Praise Him

1. Spirits are to Praise Him (1-2)

2. Solar System is to Praise Him (3)

3. Storms are to Praise Him (4)

II. Praise the Lord in the Globe (7-12)

A. Praise Him on the Planet (7-10)

1. Marine Biology is to Praise Him (7)

2. Meteorology is to Praise Him (8)

3. Geo-Morphology and Dendrology should Praise Him (9)

4. Zoology Should Praise Him

B. Praise Him in the People (11-12)

1. Political Geography should Praise Him (11)

2. Anthropology should Praise Him (12)

We should Praise Him:

1. He Creates with Purpose (5)

2. He Confirms with Passages (6)

3. He Clothes with Power (14)

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