Summary: 4th in a series on the seven Churches in Revelation. Looking at characteristics that help us have a positive presence in our community and in our church.

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Revelation 2:18-29

Compromise Matters

INTRODUCTION: As we have seen and reminded ourselves; Jesus is aware of what it takes to maintain and grow a positive presence as a believer in Christ. He is also understanding of the process involved, and He has the desire to take us through the process.

In addition, throughout these past few weeks, we have been able to identify some of the characteristics and qualities necessary for a positive presence in our world:

1. Laboring to the limit of our potential

2. Not tolerating sin

3. Loving Christ

4. Awareness of our riches

5. Avoiding the squeeze

a. The world squeezing us into its mold

b. The world squeezing Jesus out of us

6. Faithfulness to Christ

7. Sensitivity and action to internal struggles

8. Quickness to repent


A. In Previous Churches

1. In Ephesus – Christ is presented as the one who walks among the churches

2. In Symrna – Christ is presented as the one who experienced death yet is alive

3. In Pergamum – Christ is presented as the tw0-edged sword, able to separate the believer from the world and condemn the world for its sin.

B. In This Church -- Thyatira

1. The Son of God

2. The one to whom we owe all we have

3. The one to whom we owe all that we are

4. The one to whom we will owe all that we will yet enjoy

II. Visual Activity

A. Activities

1. Love Activities – Those directed at the needs of others

2. Endurance Activities – Those directed in ward

a. lacking the money or personnel or space or some other resource, but believing God and sticking to it until the ministry was operating.

b. facing opposition, but believing God and going ahead and persevering in the ministry.

c. facing a difficult ministry such as visiting unbelievers or prisoners or derelicts or whatever, but trusting God and going ahead anyway.

d. being required to sacrifice time or money or possessions, but doing it because one believes God.

e. being tired and weary and not wanting to participate in a particular ministry, but trusting God and going ahead and persevering in it.

f. feeling inadequate and incapable, but accepting the challenge, believing God, and enduring in the ministry.

3. Growing Activities

a. Ministry was growing

b. Doing everything it could do within its community

c. Doing what a church SHOULD do!

B. The Danger of Activities

1. Churches must be grounded on more than just activities

2. Activities MASK compromise

a. Church was guilty of teaching contrary to the Word of God

b. Church was guilty of misleading believers

c. Church was guilty of Seducing believers to act on false teaching

d. Church was guilty of permitting believers to fall into idolatry


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