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Summary: How often do we as Believers of Christ compromise with our faith?

The Israelites were God’s chosen People and so they already had a King; God Himself was their King! But the Israelites wanted a human king just like the rest of their neighbors. The Israelites were basically saying, “God is not good enough” when they asked for a human king!

How often do we say “God is not good enough” in this area of my life!

To teach them a lesson, God gave the Israelites Saul to be their king. Ever since we started reading about Saul, we have noted his foolishness. Saul, who was a compromising believer, who actually represented the Nation Israel.

A quick application question: As Believers of Christ, chosen by God, who is our King on a daily basis? Take a moment to quietly pray about this and make a commitment to listen to God’s Word….

Let us open our Bibles to 1 Samuel 14 and let us learn more lessons through the foolishness of Saul. As we read v24-52, focus on the doings of Saul…..

v24-26: What was Saul’s reasoning for his decree??

Saul gave a rule for his men for selfish reasons! Saul made his army starve to avenge for himself.

v27: Jonathan did not know about his father’s decree, so he ate some honey and he was rejuvenated!

Now, what can we note about Saul from Jonathan in v28-30?

a. Saul’s foolishness has been witnessed by his own son.

b. Saul was totally wrong about his decree.

And what happened in v31-32? The men fought all day without food and when it was over they were so hungry, they just ate bloody raw meat!!

Through Noah and Moses, God prohibited the Israelites from eating meat with blood still in it!

Besides not cooking, they were so hungry, they could not think about what God said about eating blood or Saul’s decree.

Now of course the men sinned by eating meat with blood; but let’s ask this question; they ate because they were starving, but who led them to hunger and therefore led them to sin??

Saul led the men to hunger which led to sin!

Now look again at v34-35…. Saul actually confronted sins and worshiped God!

But let us consider a few things: First of all, isn’t it interesting that Scripture, God’s Word, does not tell us who talked to Saul in v33. I think we can say that God Himself was that someone who brought up what happened. Secondly, isn’t it interesting that the report was not about the men sinning against the decree of Saul and correspondingly, Saul did not accuse the men of breaking his decree. You see, God was orchestrating something.

And in v36-37: we note Saul consulted the priest and actually prayed to God.

But then, what do we note at the end of v37?? – God did not answer Saul!

And if we look carefully of the context, what was Saul actually doing in v38-43?

God was orchestrating something to a point which Saul prayed, but God did not answer.

Because Saul did not get an answer from God, he looked for someone to blame!

Saul was so egotistic, not even considering his own sinfulness, we note in v44: Saul was ready to kill his own son! God was exposing Saul’s heart, which really was not godly.

and what can we note in v45? The people knew that Jonathan was godly and so they rescued him. And what happened to Saul here with all his foolishness? Saul was humiliated when the people turn to Jonathan instead of following him.

and so, the end of Chapter 14 of 1 Samuel summarizes Saul’s life – There was family, joys, and victories! Why??

Saul was a Believer of God and was chosen by God!

But how did Saul’s life conclude? v52: All the days of Saul there was bitter war! Why??

Saul was a compromising Believer of God!

In this chapter alone, 1 Samuel 14, we can note how Saul compromised his belief:

v2-3: Saul was lazy with his spirituality.

v19: Saul gave up on God too quickly!

v24: Saul was prideful and abused his leadership position.

Entire Chapter: Saul was not a good father!

v34-35: Saul sought God just for public showing.

v38-43: Instead of asking God to search his own heart, Saul looked for someone to blame!

And again, because Saul was a compromising Believer, his life ended up bitter in war and next week we will note God taking away the kingdom from Saul.

Are we Believers of Jesus Christ? Here’s what God tells Believers of Christ in 1 Peter 2:9-10….

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

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