Summary: The tabernacle/temple is God’s model for developing an understanding of the Christian.

I. The Conceptual Value of the Tabernacle for Psychology or Counseling

Since the Bible deals with the revelatory message from God, who designed and created man, the conceptual value of the tabernacle for psychology or counseling is essential for developing an understanding of man. Due to God’s great love for mankind He has not left humanity in the dark about this design. In the OT He has revealed the pattern of the design of the individual, which was His image according to His likeness. In the Mt. Sinai revelation He gave a physical model, which was the tabernacle, for humanity to work with in developing an understanding of Himself, the individual, and the relationship of the two.

These patterns and models are still in effect today. The secular and Christian world in the modern age have tried to develop a body of psychology, yet, in many respects they have failed in their efforts. The thesis of this paper is that the patterns in creation and the models in the Mt. Sinai event lay the foundation for this body of knowledge.

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