Summary: In a day where many believe that there is no absolute truths Calvary teaches us that we must conclude otherwise.

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TEXT: LUKE 23:33-46



There was a time in America (in the not too distant past) that the Bible was viewed by most Americans as the Word of God and when it spoke, it spoke Absolute Truth. Oh, there were many that denied it and even more defied it, but America as a whole revered the Bible as the Word of God and believed the Bible was Absolute Truth on every subject on which it spoke, whether it be the subject of morals or salvation.

America no longer respects the Bible as the Authoritative Word of God and Absolute Truth. Satan has been just as successful at getting America to doubt, defy, and discard the Word of God for our Human Wisdom and Selfish Desires as he was with Eve in the Garden of Eden. [Genesis 3:1-6]

The Bible has been replaced by “Relativism”; (Webster) {“…any theory of ethics or knowledge which maintains that the basis of judgment is relative, differing according to events, persons, etc.”} It is Situation Ethics and Individual Rights and Feelings that has replaced, “THUS SAITH THE LORD”.

Probably nothing reveals that the Gospel Message has been either missing or muddled in our Pulpits as does Relativism. When we look at Calvary, nothing is more clear, than there has and always will be some Absolute Truths. There are several undeniable CONCLUSIONS FROM CALVARY. Let’s look at several of those CONCLUSIONS in this message.


“And when they were come to the place which is called Calvary, there they crucified Him, and the malefactors…” [Luke 23:33]

The two malefactors that were crucified on either side of Christ were not the only criminals at Calvary that day; the Religious Leaders, the Leaders of Government, the Brave Soldiers, the Loving Mother, the Faithful Father, the Carefree Children, are the “THEY’s that crucified Jesus. THEY either orchestrated, approved, or voted with their voices for the only Sinless One to be horribly crucified.

It was not just the worst of mankind but also the best of mankind that crucified the Sinless, Son of God on that fateful day. We are all represented by someone who played a part in Jesus’ death that day. You see from Calvary that each of us are not better than we thought we were, but we are actually worse than we ever dreamed we were.

*”There is none righteous, no, not one.” [Romans 3:10]

*“They are all gone out of the way…there is none that doeth good, no, not one [Romans 3:12]

*”For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” [Romans 3:23]

That is certainly part of the Offense of the Cross, [Galatians 5:11] but it is the absolute truth.

ill. I once read as Billy Graham was making preparation for one of his city wide revivals, he sent the Mayor of the city a letter asking for the names of any that he was personally aware of that had a spiritual problem and needed help and his prayers. In response to the request the mayor mailed Billy Graham the cities Telephone Directory. The mayor understood the Bible and believed that when it said that ALL HAVE SINNED, that that was absolute, undeniable Truth.

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